Dicussion about FFXIV Deep dungeon that the only players

In a later adjustment to this they are adding a leader board (per job) to track who gets the furthest. I assume that 101-200 will be a respectable challenge due to the fact that a leader board would be buy ffxiv gil pointless if it wasn’t. 1-100 is more or less a “Here’s a slightly less boring way to get a trickle of xp that isn’t fates.” If the rate isn’t awful or scales to your level percentage wise then it shouldn’t be a horrible trade off. On the other hand, if it comes out and doesn’t at least grant tomes very few players are going to bother with it if they are finsished/ing their relic.

You guys do know the Deep Dungeon is more of a “challenge how far a player can go” type of content?

Entering with a group is just for extra fun but the main thing for Deep Dungeon is to see how far a player can go into the place solo without the help of any players.

It was said in a earlier dicussion about Deep dungeon that the only players on the leader board are those who enter Deep Dungeon Solo and Solo the place. Those who enter Deep Dungeon with a group of players will not be on the Leader Board but their progress will be saved.

FFXIV GB/WM should at least remove the damage penalty incurred by range

So, PVP needs some fine-tuning & what better time than 3.1!

Seize – reduce the randomization of B/S/A node spawns.

Seen games where 2 S Nodes spawned in a single GC’s far corner at the very start & ruined the match. This cycle kept repeating & what made it worse was the nodes were virtually stacked on top of one another making it nigh-impossible to strategically grab even just one.

Seize – weight the randomness of node spawns against a GC that’s well ahead.

Too often a lucky GC will continue on these lucky streaks where nodes keep spawning directly underfoot for them in their corner. This shouldn’t happen either.

Buy FFXIV Gil BRD/MCH – reduce the recast time of GB/WM from 15s to 5s.

Toggling in & out of GB/WM should remain a conscious decision. But 15s is too steep a period to stay forced into casting.

AST/SCH/WHM – add a trait where dispels have a 50% chance to remove a second debuff.

Purify & single dispels don’t quite cut it with the new Tri-Disaster & more unique debuffs/dots than ever before.

CC – bind/sleep need their durations further cut down. Even with diminishing returns, their first casts & absurdly long… spoils the engagement/fun.

GB/WM should at least remove the damage penalty incurred by range. Even at sweetspot range, a MCH’s burst isn’t stronger than say, of a FFXIV SMN or especially of a melee LB, and mostly on par with most melee burst. The range penalty combined with cast times makes it hard for BRd/MCH to reactively adjust their range to stay within the sweet spot, and it’s not like their damage output is to the level of a blackmage (who has to stand still but gets no ranged damage penalty), Especially in an environment where every other class is dealing damage balanced with their 3.0 moveset.

Light speed/nocturnal could also use some tweaks for PvP specifically. The instant nocturnal shield is utterly absurd and a good FFXIV Gil AST isn’t dying even with 5 people whacking on them.

Short version: Final Fantasy XIV Housing item suggestion

Short version: Final Fantasy XIV Housing item suggestion – a plaque that shows off a title just like it would appear over our head, optionally including our name as well.
Longer version:

It’s fun to collect things, but it’s more fun when you can show them off in a non-obtrusive way. We’ve heard that they’re seeing if they can make minions wander around in houses, but what about the other collectible that’s hard to show off – titles?

My suggestion is to add a housing item called a Plaque (or whatever) that you can put up in a house. The Final Fantasy XIV Plaque would have your character’s name and the text of a title that you owned, just like it would appear above your head. It would be nicer if it was written in a font that looks like it would on a real plaque rather than the usual font above your head, but it’d work either way.

The plaque would start out blank, and, like with the retainers in the houses, you’d interact with it to get a dialogue window where you have the options of setting the plaque to your current name/title, clearing it to make it blank again, or leaving it alone.

In an FC house, this would let the Final Fantasy XIV FC members have a sort of roster on the walls if they wanted it, or a list of the officers in a big FC. You could even position them to show the command hierarchy if you have such a thing. Each person could set their title to whatever they want to show off in the wall-mounted roster. Of course, each plaque would consume a housing slot, so you couldn’t have too many up there.

In a personal house, this would allow you to show off some of those titles you worked really hard to get, but never use because there are just so many of them.

The name could also be optional, so if you were putting them up in a personal house, you didn’t have your name appearing ten times in a row on the walls. You could put one with your name and favorite title on it up, and surround it with ones that were just titles, no name.

While I don’t disagree that’d be interesting, I see that as a totally different housing item idea. That’s way more FFXIV Gil complexity than needed for what I’m talking about (showing off titles), and waaaay more memory to store. BUT! It would be pretty cool. Your suggestion is like an awesome form of armor stands – instead of just the armor sitting there on a stand in your house, you’d have a portrait on the wall of you in the armor. The focus there would be on the portrait itself, not on the name/title, which would be kinda tacked on. But, again, that’d be pretty darn expensive as far as housing memory goes.

A dynamic portrait like that would be really expensive to store, incorporating character appearance customization, armor, dyes, pose, etc. Sure, one isn’t that bad, but you wouldn’t have one, you’d have 4-10 per house. Even if they limit it to one per house, people would Buy FFXIV Gil still put them in personal rooms. They are so low on memory, I’d rather they keep dynamic stuff as simple as possible until everyone can have a house. If they did add something like that, it’d probably be put in the cash shop to compensate for the extra memory used.

Shouldn’t need to do any Final Fantasy XIV grinding

So where’s best place to level up fast cause this def taking long time yet want to Buy FFXIV Gil hit 60 ASAP (with main story)

For your first job you shouldn’t need to do any grinding. Just do MSQ and sidequests and you should hit 60 no problem. For your other jobs you can do dungeons or FATEs, since FATEs are now pretty good in the new zones. At 56 you can go to Churning Mists for FATEs. At least on my server there’s always a huge group out there doing them starting at about 1 PM PST and usually starts disappearing around 10 PM to 12 AM PST (which is like NA primetime, roughly). There’s also dungeons you can do, but it’s roughly the same amount of time as FATEs.

I’m guessing you are on a second class because I’m a returning player at 32 in MSQ and I know I am going to need to drop back and level a second class already or waste a lot of exper going forward. I expect to be 52 or 53 before I even touch HW content and with MSQ, map unlock and the tuning, exploration content I will put Whm at 60 long before I am done.

Note: Map Unlock is HUGE exper. Or it was in ARR. Each time you `discover a new area`it`s a flat number according to level but when the entire zone is cleared it`s a 10X on that. It`s all scaled to level so a 59 character who held a portion of the map unexplored in each zone can then go through and get FFXIV Gil the area compiled bonus, wiping out most of the last level in short time. You do need to plan well in advance though.

Will we ever see Final Fantasy XIV group content that isn’t a dungeon on rails?

any kind of system where different sized groups could tackle content as they saw fit instead of being lead down a corridor with trash packs then a boss over and over?

how about a dungeon-type area with many different objectives, some FFXIV Gil that could be done with small groups or even solo for incremental progress, larger encounters for bigger groups, exploration and pathing decisions, etc.

as it is now, you get that one first experience of a new dungeon/primal/raid, but the areas are all completely homogenous and the background is merely pretty decoration. i’d settle for much blander environment with more engaging content within any day.

Really doubt these are a solution for the above problem unless the OP is actively seeking similar forms of disappointment. That said, the FATE concept, not in its current implementation, could probably answer the second line in part…

The closest idea I can think of to what you’re asking is to be released into a middle of a ‘dungeon area’ rather than a dungeon itself, in which there a numerous mini-zones, each with related gauntlets/timed encounters or runs/boss fights that slightly interconnect through a mixture of consistent (say, having a boss charge into a tower at the edge of his arena gives you a shortcut to another zone as it falls onto a nearby wall – though perhaps you can buy ffxiv gil only aim his near-death enrage charge at one such structure) and random triggers (bosses give one of several buffs upon kill, each exceptional against another certain fight or set of fights, making a single completion path unreliable)? Perhaps instanced, perhaps not, perhaps even a mixture – though it would take a while to hammer out all issues with mixed- or non-instancing.