Blade & Soul: Basic Guides

Who are you to decide that for NCSoft?
Most of these gripes you have with the game seems to be very minor QOL changes.
That’s an opinion.

Being so, effort from the developers are not longer being put into small annoyances that most people are already acclimated to.

Are you working for NCSoft or how do you know that so in detail?
Instead, they’re focusing on releasing new classes, content, and balance.

Those are 2 different departments. Here’s an example: People cry in the Smite community (moba) about new skins getting released every now and then while bug X and Y still exist. Those are 2 seperate teams.

These are what retains player base, and makes bank. You don’t ever hear people say, “damn, I love the balanced, faced paced combat style, but the inability to share quests kills this game for me. I’m out.”

Again, it sounds like you work for this company and think to know their focus. This game is a fresh start in the western world and a new game. Every point i made is logical and can be “tested” by players individually with Blade & Soul Gold. So why knowingly release a game to 2 big regions with those flaws/mistakes in the game? That just drives people away from it.

Let’s face it, 95% of the player base is probably at endgame, where only Mushin tower, and arenas really matter. (Talking KR) Those guys aren’t going to care much about the health bar disappearing, since they get to see a much larger health bar in those instances. They’re not going to care about sharing quests, because max level takes 2 days to reach, and everyone just does the same dailies on repeat afterwards.
I don’t care what happens in Korea, because I will play this game as a new player on EU/NA as will you and everyone else.

I actually appreciate the little things that I get stuck on while sprinting.
So while being in an open field sprinting and getting stuck on it is something one should appreciate?

It reminds be that I have that Vault skill
You can NOT vault over the tiny little shits that you get stuck on as you saw on my screenshot.

and also tells me that develops purposes put collision coding and rendering to make that happen. So that might be a different take on the situation.
Them putting effort in making collision does not validate this bug to exist. If they put effort in collision, game feeling and the vault skill, then it’s literally the opposite of what you said they want.

As for the horrible skill tips, I can only attribute that to sloppy translation, which can and should be fixed here in the west.

Agree, they still have time.
Everything else, though seemingly simple with Blade & Soul Items, will at least take a 2 man programming team, a sizable amount of time to code and tear. That’s a team that could be working on the new KFM/FM hybrid.

I repeat myself here. Those are 2 different departments.
My impression is that you are passionate about Blade and Soul and love the game as much as everyone else, but you seem biased and trying to whiteknight & fanboy at with absurd counterarguments.