Dicussion about FFXIV Deep dungeon that the only players

In a later adjustment to this they are adding a leader board (per job) to track who gets the furthest. I assume that 101-200 will be a respectable challenge due to the fact that a leader board would be buy ffxiv gil pointless if it wasn’t. 1-100 is more or less a “Here’s a slightly less boring way to get a trickle of xp that isn’t fates.” If the rate isn’t awful or scales to your level percentage wise then it shouldn’t be a horrible trade off. On the other hand, if it comes out and doesn’t at least grant tomes very few players are going to bother with it if they are finsished/ing their relic.

You guys do know the Deep Dungeon is more of a “challenge how far a player can go” type of content?

Entering with a group is just for extra fun but the main thing for Deep Dungeon is to see how far a player can go into the place solo without the help of any players.

It was said in a earlier dicussion about Deep dungeon that the only players on the leader board are those who enter Deep Dungeon Solo and Solo the place. Those who enter Deep Dungeon with a group of players will not be on the Leader Board but their progress will be saved.

it’s actually optimal in terms of potency and TP spent per FFXIV GCD

Putting up WB + VB takes forever, but it’s actually optimal in terms of potency and TP spent per UFFXIV GCD.

Take for example wave 7, 4 jagd dolls. Quick nock is 140 TP, for 110 potency * number of mobs, 440 potency per cast for 140 TP.

Windbite, on any single target, is 330 Potency for 80 TP on top of the RoD procs. Both WB, and quick nock, take 1 gcd (1.5 second cast + 1) to use.
It might feel like it takes forever to put up both of your dots on everything, but when it comes to sustained AoE like floor 2 it’s extremely efficient.

I generally avoid quick nock on every wave besides the 3rd one with hardhelm + mind + snipers + soldiers, and wave 8 which has a ton of things you can AoE down. Otherwise rotate WB/VB on the beefiest targets and spam RoD.

Also, your DPS is fine from a standpoint of meeting the enrage.

1300 might be “”"bad”"” now (in heavy quotes), but in the week 1 of A2 savage that’s what bards were doing. If you’re doing 1300 DPS, and having enrage troubles, you might want to look to the rest of your group too before letting them blame you specifically. Of course you can do more, and you should TRY to do more, but if you want a static to operate you have to look towards the group’s mistakes when you’re trying to work out a problem like beating an enrage. There’s always more room for EVERYONE to improve.

For quicknock? I’d say use it anytime there are 5+ mobs AND you have cooldowns up.

A2 is a long fight, unless you want to burn TP song for yourself or unless your group needs it at some point. If the latter, I’d say to burn away some TP before the timing you need TP song at.

Multidotting as much as possible is a really safe way to go, if you want higher “burst” you would just WB everything possible in a large wave, if you want sustain (such as wave 5) you’d be looking to keep up both dots and just tab back and forth with iron jaws. Another thing about choosing between FFXIV Gil QN or dots is whether the wave is gonna burn down fast or not.

WB + VB on 4 targets is KINDA iffy because at that point you’ll risk dots dropping if you stop casting your dots for a teeny bit of time, but that or less is probably best.

FFXIV GB/WM should at least remove the damage penalty incurred by range

So, PVP needs some fine-tuning & what better time than 3.1!

Seize – reduce the randomization of B/S/A node spawns.

Seen games where 2 S Nodes spawned in a single GC’s far corner at the very start & ruined the match. This cycle kept repeating & what made it worse was the nodes were virtually stacked on top of one another making it nigh-impossible to strategically grab even just one.

Seize – weight the randomness of node spawns against a GC that’s well ahead.

Too often a lucky GC will continue on these lucky streaks where nodes keep spawning directly underfoot for them in their corner. This shouldn’t happen either.

Buy FFXIV Gil BRD/MCH – reduce the recast time of GB/WM from 15s to 5s.

Toggling in & out of GB/WM should remain a conscious decision. But 15s is too steep a period to stay forced into casting.

AST/SCH/WHM – add a trait where dispels have a 50% chance to remove a second debuff.

Purify & single dispels don’t quite cut it with the new Tri-Disaster & more unique debuffs/dots than ever before.

CC – bind/sleep need their durations further cut down. Even with diminishing returns, their first casts & absurdly long… spoils the engagement/fun.

GB/WM should at least remove the damage penalty incurred by range. Even at sweetspot range, a MCH’s burst isn’t stronger than say, of a FFXIV SMN or especially of a melee LB, and mostly on par with most melee burst. The range penalty combined with cast times makes it hard for BRd/MCH to reactively adjust their range to stay within the sweet spot, and it’s not like their damage output is to the level of a blackmage (who has to stand still but gets no ranged damage penalty), Especially in an environment where every other class is dealing damage balanced with their 3.0 moveset.

Light speed/nocturnal could also use some tweaks for PvP specifically. The instant nocturnal shield is utterly absurd and a good FFXIV Gil AST isn’t dying even with 5 people whacking on them.

Which Final Fantasy XIV tank is optimal to heal with this team comp?

Hey, I’m new into the healer role and I would like to know from experienced players which tank is optimal to heal with this uffxiv team comp: WHM, Final Fantasy XIV SCH, PLD (MT) and WAR (OT)?

At the moment, me as the WHM heal the FFXIV PLD the majority of the time and help the SCH with regens and some cure I if the Final Fantasy XIV PLD is ok.

That’s what I did watch in a lot of videos of prestigious FCs. The thing is I don’t really found any BIG reason to not focus my heals on the OT. I’m just curious about it.

Could you throw any advantages or disadvantages with reasonable arguments?
What would happen if the MT goes Final Fantasy XIV DRK? (we have planned that for next week).

Thank you in advance

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking.
“Optimal” is kind of a weird term for a healer outside of talking gear/stats/timing/efficiency.
Usually, your looking at terms like “most efficient” or “highest priority” (speed is key sometimes to, shoutout to jacksepticeye)
The highest priority tank is always the one who is going to die if a heal isn’t cast ‘right now’
The most efficient heals are always going to be on the tank currently using a mitigation cd or Convalescence.
Keep in mind, if a tank goes down, having to cast res really hampers your efficiency.

The only thing you want to be careful of when healing tanks with 2 healers is overhealing. You dont want to cast cure II on a tank, only to find the Final Fantasy XIV SCH hit lustrate and brought him to near full hp right before you finished casting, just a waste. As a rule of thumb keep regen on both tanks if they are tanking things. But at the same time, do your best ffxiv gil to help meet any requests your static is asking of you.