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Albion Online test server

Although this is not 100% on the topic, I did want to comment on the nature staff changes as a whole. I understand the nature staff is really strong 1v1, probably top 3 (though not #1), but it’s not strong because it kills fast, has burst, or can stop you from running, it’s just strong because it can outlast.

The nature staff is one of the slowest killing weapons, has no CC, and no chase at all so if you are dieing to a nature staff 1v1 you are choosing to stand there and die. With those limitations, I don’t understand the need to nerf the staff at all.

The other changes on the test server also play a large part in changing the relative power of the nature staff already and this is Albion Online Items, Things like Bloodlust can give other weapons a nice increase in longevity also, helping close the gap on other weapons ability to survive.

Additionally, the change to the dagger line W will be huge in offsetting this advantage as well. There are also some really high damage buffs that are coming in on the test server making it even more powerful for some weapons really high burst damage to come into play.

I would love to hear other’s thoughts on this, if they agree or if they have insight that I may have missed into how the nature staff is truly an insurmountable 1v1 weapon.

Albion Online: Time to acknowledge this BETA’s progression is awful

AO became boring, plain and simple. We went from a progression gated by weapon fame grind and PvE/PvP activities to all content being gated by gathering, and it’s completely unbalanced. There is absolutely no logic in farming your weapon in a few hours and then spend a month gathering. There is no incentive to do more gateways, hellgates, raids, castles or even decent OW-PvP. You login, realize all you have to do is gather, stay by your guild’s chest a couple hours and logout.

To be fair, we actually got amazing upgrades in this BETA. The new way tiers work for weapons/armors (including crafting), masteries and progression simplification are a few examples of Albion Online Powerleveling. By the other hand, the way the fame progression was dealt with is absolutely horrendous, and it makes no sense to implement such changes on the last BETA, only a few months before launch. I have to be honest, it feels like we took giant steps back.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking to “nerf gathering grind”. in BETA 1 gathering was too easy, agreed, so we actually needed some more difficulty on it. Problem is this game is right now far away from being difficult or hardcore; it’s boring, a complete snoredom. There is zero risk in spending hours, days, weeks wandering around in black zones in which you won’t find anyone and praying for the gods that some 6.3 node will not be depleted in one of the tens of maps you visit.That’s the hardcore of this game: walk around and hope for some gathering node. No PvP, no PvE.

Now, even we force ourselves to OW-PvP, even then it’s weird. You again have to walk endless hours and hope for an enemy to show up, usually in numbers that won’t allow even a decent fight. There is no reason to gather friends and do a gateway or hellgate, or even less motive to gather a big group and raid or invade a castle.

The worst part of all this is that the “solution” proposed on gems is absurdly useless in the big picture, and once we criticized it there is now complete silence. Not a single comment or answer on how things are going.

We need to take a step back and realize the current progression is simply awful. Gathering cannot be the main gate for Albion Online Silver and gameplay progression (although it has to be relevant, of course). Now, add all this to this gigantic map size in which no one faces no one due to the spread of players and the ridiculous amount of dungeons and you get what we have now.

My suggestions: weapon grind to be way harder and more rewarding, plus its masteries to mean more (just an idea, but perhaps you could unlock vanilla tiers on the tree and enchanted weapon/armor on the masteries); More resources around/better respawning and a a small nerf on gathering grind at higher tiers; more incentives for gateways/hellgates/raids; remove most of dungeons and link those that remain (link clusters); remove the central outlands island or make it red zone (GvGs with soft gear cap for smaller guilds).

Albion Online: Add regular fast-travel into the game

I am on your side Matrix. This guy, seriously? Seriously! I really don’t appreciate some ideas he had said. Especially I saw him posting the thread crying for FAST TRAVEL. That’s really unacceptable. What a ruining idea to crash the local market. I don’t understand why these people want FAST TRAVEL and crying for reducing the size of the albion online silver farming. I even want Albion world more wider form now so every guild could have a chance to play sandbox and making more local political powers. Come on, guys, this is not a regular MMORPG you’ve played as WOW, this is a sandbox game. You need a big and wide map which letting players establish the local power and market. That’s the thing make Albion a great game!
Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind adding regular fast-travel into the game?

As of right now, it’s not hard to run to a different green city. It’s probably 5 maps or so away. But adding fast travel will not only ruin the local economy, but it will dull the aim of the devs when they redid the maps to hold certain Albion Online Gold instead of all. If my city is surrounded by plains, then we have an abundance of leather. If I caravan to a city surrounded by mountains, then I can sell my leather there, and buy stone/ore to take back to my main city.

Personally, I don’t mind going out a few maps to gather. Lazy players tend to not go that far, which leaves most resource nodes full. If a red finds me undefended and overloaded, good for him. It was my fault in the first place for being overloaded, and for not having protection with me.

As for the black zone maps, I am glad they expanded the world. If your guild really wanted to do well in black zones, then gather t2 materials in the green city, and make a run with guild members defending you to find albion online gold shop. If you don’t have any gatherers, contact a local green gatherer and offer your guilds protection (walking through black zones) for the payment of 50% of the load of t2 they were carrying. I was the green gatherer yesterday, and I hired a mercenary guild to defend me for 65% of my load (they were going to defend me going to and back).

There is a strategy (and consequences) to this game now. Either with the pathing you take, or the shady things you do to keep someone from hearing your mount. Last beta, zergs would wait outside a red city and kill everyone, without any consequences. Now, they have to watch that their fame doesn’t cross a certain negative threshold, which allows for strategic decisions on their part.

Please, if you see any negatives in my way of thinking, let me know. I would like to be more knowledgable of the pros and cons of the current state of the game.

I do understand that there will be a fee associated with fast green-zone travel, but then that would add to the whole “P2W” arguement fire going on currently.

Albion Online: Let’s get this game back on the tracks


Currently people are asking for you to slow down progression because some your game design is flawed and with the current design I’d have to agree with them. I would prefer you make some changes and leave the current, easy to learn, hard to master progression philosophy in place. We all can agree that balancing is needed with your current destiny board and I feel that the time investment between gathering, crafting and gear usage unlocks is way out of whack. These three areas should take equal amounts of effort to reach the same destination. They should be balanced to where tools are now, which is a meaningful amount of effort to get to a competitive level, but not months or years.


GvG Design is Flawed; I and I am sure many others entered this game with aspirations of being a great GvG’ers. But over the course of my 2 years in this game I have realised that GvGing is not for me and It also comes to my realization that GvGing is a very exclusive activity for those that have the excessive amounts of Albion Online Silver or lots of flexibility in their schedules and in most cases are fed gear and in some cases accounts that others have leveled for them to play.. I feel like there should be a disclosure to this feature in its current state with all the criteria that goes into this in game activity.


Way to exclusive, from time restrictions, to resource demands and even limited slots and even skill restrictions.
Promotes formation of large guilds and/or alliances aka Zergs because the more people you have the more resources you can bring in as well as farm safer.
Promotes Communism which in most cases leads to abuse and waste. Some people mistake this as teamwork but often times they are the ones being fooled.
At the end of the day they are pretty much meaningless fights.. Sure people(GvGers and Developers) try to build it up as if they are something amazing but again, less than 5% of your population does GvG’s and I bet over 50% would like to. In addition to this, I would bet 30% of this final beta population is only playing because they are GvGing or trying to support GvG’ers and the masses that have quit the test, quit because there really isn’t anything to do other then Gather for GvG’ers and GvG. My numbers are for perspective purposes, not factual statistics.
Over a Half a dozen tests later and still too easy for albion online gold market to own vast numbers of territories? Stahp. At the time of me typing this Finstack has 25 territories themselves. How is this healthy? You got 1 guild controlling a huge area on the map, if you had say 20 different guilds in the same area the world would feel alive. Your GvG system is killing the game.
GvG’s have a choke hold on your game.
Possible Fixes

Limit number of territories a guild can hold through steep scaling upkeep costs(food and/or silver). This has been a problem from day 1 and you have still failed to see the issue with it or lack the Give a F to fix it.
Make each fight more meaningful by not having so damn many of them so often. Think about how you have your city plots set up? Why not have an auction everyday? Because you want someone to get a value out of it before they can lose it. That is how Territories should be. 1 fight a week winner takes all like the resource territories. If your guild members has stuff in their bank, to the victor goes the spoils and the victorious guild can take everything out of the bank from the losing guild if they left anything inside. This also works towards combating zerg guilds. Who cares how many resources they can bring in, in their zerg/communism guild. Even a small guild can set up for a fight once a week and the better team gets the territory, not the one with more time, players, resources.
Bring on a WoW style arena system (I’ll be putting up a post for debate here shortly, but having looked at the facts, I am ever more convinced that this system would benefit your game far more than It would hurt your game and would love to have a healthy debate on it.)
Mounts and Seed Vendor

This vendor needs to go. Things offered by this vendor need to be found and collected in the open world.
Farming and everything related In its current state sucks and it benefits the ones who can tolerate suffering more and those that have more alts/accounts. It lacks excitement, it’s dull and it’s boring.

Possible Fixes

Beyond T3 mounts, We could see Wild horses/oxen spawning in random locations throughout the world of all tiers depending on their zone. These horses could be killed like a Direwolf and would have a higher drop rate of dropping foals to be sold or traded to mount crafters. You already have the assets, and probably the animations. It would be a pretty easy task to add this. Even drops from NPC’s would be better, anything you can do to get people out hunting for stuff rather then handing it to them.
Seeds need to drop off of NPC’s again. I bet many don’t even know they used to drop off of NPC’s. Bring it back.
In addition to this, plants should once again offer a low chance of returning a seed when harvesting not a guaranteed return.
Note: This also plays into the fact that guilds wanting to control vast numbers of territories can, but will have to work a lot harder to get it and this is going to force guilds and players to get out and farm NPC’s.

Additional Thoughts for the State of the Open World…..
I want to reason to albion online silver farming a dungeon or hellgates even if my gear is at max tier and I want to come back with 20 different types of things for 15 different trades, from common materials to “holy shit, if I make it back to town with this, I am RICH kind of loot!.” PvE should feel more like a Diablo series game where you are hunting for something cool and rare. You guys did an amazing job adding in new NPC’s and all that but you give us 0 reason to experience any of that cool content you created for us.

Albion Online: As objective as possible

A setup is any opening skill followed by a burst, where a burst always requires a commitment.

It is at this moment of “commitment” I will pop my bubble.Meditate allows one to counter a bubble by syncing the rotation of meditate into the next setup -> commitment -> burst, while the target is on CD and can no longer counter(Iceblock 40s, Stoneskin 1m).Someone like myself will call a commitment at the moment you begin your burst animation.

Lets take Dagger Pair as an example. The 3 Sunders is the setup, the start of an Slit Throat animation is flagged as the commitment.Further if the operator understands how to Buy Albion Online Silver Weave and Animation Stack, and when damage is applied; can tighten his rotations dramatically, and increase his DPS dramatically.There is also a technique to counter what i am speaking of, especially if the target has an interrupt hot. But I digress, I have said too much thus far.

If you know yourself, and know your enemy; you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not your enemy; for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither yourself nor the enemy; you will succumb, in every battle.Yeh but it doesnt happend very oftern though I do think iceblock and stuff should be lowered to 30 seconds cooldown though as meditate is also a 30 second cooldown.

You are totally irrelevant here and i hope you understand how poor your Albion Online Gold for comment was.Some players sure thinks like this, but atleast same amount of players are trying to protect meditation, because they personally use it at the moment and they dont want to get nerf to their builds. Players who can just think this matter from their own point of view should not even take part to this discussion.

We are in the beta testing phase and things like this should checked out as objective as possible. I am quite sure this was also intend when opening this discussion.This. Balance problem is my reason to talk behalf of removing meditation.

Albion Online: This would be another key part of the concept

Why don’t you like it in particular? A trainee gatherer may get 1 resource every time he tries to gather, so after 5 min, he should have less resources, than the current meta would allow (if standing near full nodes).

But a fulltime gatherer would get equal or more Albion Online Silver in the same time (again, compared to current meta with full nodes near you).

The concept is all about showing availabilty of resources, but demands high skill level, to harvest properly. Traveling through empty lands is no fun. Traveling through full lands always enables everyone to participate in any action, but still keeps the economy stable.

This would be another key part of the concept: you would get a random chance to participate in a minigame, while gathering. For example a 2d picture of the recource would show up in the middle of your screen and you would have to click certain spots, as fast as possible in a set time frame. The more accurate and fast you do this, the more rewards you will know how to get albion online gold for sale. Each reward could be ranomized or tied to the minigame (like getting up to 50% more fame for the current yield round, or double resource yield for the current turn, or maybe a piece of rare material of the same tier).

I see, so the minigames have to be entertaining, rewarding and should still allow you to react in pvp areas. I think that all these aspects can be covered with the right games and interface set up.

Yeah, the key is balance; so although the maps would contain full resource nodes, it is NOT the most effective way to only sit tight on a t3 node until you unlock t4.

So camping is inefficient and will just yield less and less resources, the longer you gather + your tools will break at some point, so you either have to bring more tools or go back to town for maintainance.

ALbion Online: Free-to-Play Model Ditched

Albion Online announced something that surprised us. The game which was first announced as free-to-play title will change the model at launch. The developer Sandbox Interactive didn’t say whether the new model would be buy-to-play or pay-to-play though.

Why they change the business model? The dev explained:
Making the game ready for a free to play model would take up significant development time which we would much rather use to make a better game. Free to play would also create a lot of risks for the game – spamming, botting, world too small, etc – which we do not want to take if it can be avoided.

On the other hand, the game confirmed to extend closed beta until at least August 1, 2016. At the same time, the team will be working on the following content and improvements.

Major Game Improvements
Note: the below does not list all the changes planned. Also, not everything listed below will make it into the final game.

· New, Expanded and Immersive Game World
· Significantly increase world size
· Make cities and zones more unique
· More and better dungeons
· Different biomes (snow, swamp, etc

· Zone Rework
· Introduce Reputation and Crime System for yellow and red zones
· Strongly increase the number of black zones
· Remove fast travel to non-safe zones
· Introduce “naked” teleport as an alternative to fast travel in PvP zones

· PvP
· Introduce an Ultima Online inspired Reputation and Crime System for yellow and red zones
· Special perks and titles for virtuous and evil characters
· Armor System Rework
· Enchantment Rework
· Tons of new items and abilities
· Kill mails
· Conquerable/Destructible open world structures
· Improved ranking system
· Scouting mechanics and items
· GvG respawn timer
· Larger variety of Hell Gates and better rewards

· PvE
· Allow lower tier mobs to provide fame towards combat progression
· Increase the number of higher tier mobs
· Fame bonus for group play
· Make dungeons and gateway dungeons more rewarding
· More and better dungeons and boss fights
· Random spawning of special mobs
· Armor System Rework
· Enchantment Rework
· Tons of new items and abilities
· Rework faction and mission system*
· Introduce Expeditions*
· Introduce unique item blueprints and expedition maps as special drops/rewards*
· *details to follow in seperate developer update

Albion Online

· Gathering
· Introduce special items and abilities supporting gatherers
· Provide gatherers with better stealth and escape options

· Economy
· Remove excess supply of items from the market via training option at crafting buildings. Sneak Peak
· Fast Travel Rework

· Farming
· Animal produced fertilizer to increase plant yield

· Fishing
· Details to follow in seperate developer update

· Player Made Open World Structures
· Details to follow in seperate developer update

· User Interface and Quality of Life Improvements
· PC optimized HUD
· Friends List
· Repair all button
· Fast Salvage
· Shift Click to move items
· Smart Casting
· Spell Range/Skillshot Indicator
· Guild management improvements
· Improved rights management system for guilds
· Auto-sort/stack for banks
· Allow items to be stackable
· Better “mute” system to combat spammers
· Outline characters/mobs that are hidden by objects
· Bank asset overview
· Transaction Log
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The Winter Alpha 2015 of Albion Online

For the Winter Alpha 2015, we introduced a significant number of new items. We also totally revamped almost all of the abilities in the game.

Whereas in the Summer Alpha 2014, almost all abilities were instant cast with 10 second cooldown, and no real way to interrupt, dodge, etc, we have now taken the first step to make PvP more interesting.

Having said that, the current state of abilities and balancing is really just that: a first step and truly “alpha status”.

So chance are that if you consider a certain item or ability to be broken or somewhat off, we will probably agree with you.

It will be one of our core focus points before the Summer Alpha 2015 to make significant improvements to items, abilities and balancing.

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