POE: permanent onslaught is horrible in terms of balance

I cannot fathom how can you vote for Onslaught with Fortify instead of the insanely epic double Frenzy/Endurance charge gain. Please, for the sake of fond memories I have of my Warbands CoC-Cyclone-Discharger, vote in favour of fun and damage. Vote Frenzy/Endurance 2016!

Personally I don’t care much about the belt as the first affix measn we have to stack armor and evasion to retarded levels in order to get a really bonus. More however this is gonna be yet another flask belt because yes, you want to have a jade and a granite with extra armor and extra evasion to further increase it and I do dislike that ultimatly we seem to be leaning more towards flask usage which favors only one type of gameplay.

Still, I voted for onslaught because at least it will be useful to any melee character that uses a fortify gem but I’d really loove to see this belt change into giving the bonus to the highest and not the lowest because it makes little sense to make a belt that is only useful for extremely niche builds.

Really sad to see the onslaught option in there because all the “You have fortify” kids are gonna pick it and we’ll just get another unique geared towards making Champion even MORE overplayed of the Cheap poe exalted orbs, especially in HC, instead of something actually interesting like the first option that would support a comparatively underplayed/underused build. Meh. Underwhelming as heck vote and unique just because the support-already-OP-meta option exists.

I can only hope the other mods end up with virtually nothing if any for life/resists so the cookie-cutter kids will pass it over for other belts instead of making permanent Fortify+Onslaught a given for too many of the “good” build options as this belt will probably do if it has good life+res.

Seriously, “You have Onslaught while Fortified” has got to go, who even thought that was slightly reasonable when there’s an ascendancy that gives perma-fort? It’s stupid and ridiculous. Nerf it to hell or get rid of it.

I would really like to see a full picture before voting. Will this belt have life/es? Resists? Other useful mods? Because I really tired seeing 1 alch uniques being produced en masse. Also, when we will have option to vote – “fix old crap before adding new stuff please”?

Permanent onslaught is horrible in terms of balance. Why would anyone ever want to play slayer again when they can have permanent fortify and onslaught? The Endurance and frenzy charges choice seem like the best option. Duelist has always been my go to character with the path of exile exalted orb. I love playing as the duelist, but the idea of permanent onslaught and fortify is just nuts and broken.

I’m a little torn. The Fortify option is REALLY good, since it’s basically ensures 100% uptime on fortify for melee attack builds with zero effort and no gaps…and then you get Onslaught too, because reasons.

But the blind does seem to fit the actual item better. It’s less powerful, but blinding everything makes a hybrid evasion/armor build actually potentially viable, which was supposed to be the whole point of the item.

You do know that flicker is still a viable build right? It wasn’t as gutted as most people believed when they changed Blood Rage to a % chance to gain a charge, the only thing that changed is now its actually needed to use the Blood Dance boots for even more % chance to gain charges. My flicker build is currently lvl 80 and doing fine.