Trove: constructive criticism is fine

The only reason why i played as much during the event is because of the patron.I was thinking of buying it and than i got it for free xD.The rest is pretty much useless and also with the every bonus active and patron trove feels decent enough at grinding.

I feel like the type of people that complain about these kinda things, like free events or buffs are the ones that get all mad when they get a card for Christmas through the Trove Flux for sale. Start complaining it doesn’t have money or something; it’s a celebration and you got free stuff that they could have done nothing for, you have a net gain.

Most of the comments/questions in the livestream question list have been in there repeatedly, yet only about 0.1% are answered, or either never answered. Listening to the community huh… I’m not sure about that now…

Constructive criticism is fine, but this isn’t that. I understand that you’d like the game to be something different than it is, but to say the dev team isn’t working hard or is disinterested because you haven’t seen the changes you specifically want to see is not productive.

As everyone is aware, our team is small and our devs wear many hats. We’re working on preparing the game for console release later this year, adding content for our next major patch, building our new class and the biome related to that class, and new enemies to populate it. In addition to that, Atronos is working on getting a very large collection of player created items ready for the game. This is going to be the largest implementation of player created content in a long time.

On top of all that, we’re planning and preparing things we can’t discuss yet. I understand that not knowing something can make it seem like nothing is happening, but that’s just not the Cheap Trove Flux. We’re a passionately committed group of people who love what we’re doing and not everyone gets to say that. We work a lot and players can sometimes miss the scale of what we’re trying to accomplish, and that’s okay too.

We don’t do what we do so everyone will love us, we do what we do because we love it, and if enough players dig it too, then I call that a win. All of us have to make the decision of who we want to be in this community. You can be the person who tears down or the person who has concerns and expresses them in a way that helps us all do better. We don’t expect the forums to be a utopia of rainbows and high fives, but we do expect to be able to have civil conversations.

I don’t know about you guys but I had a great time during the anniversary. I actually felt like I could play trove for hours on end without getting bored of leveling or grinding and what not. I advanced more in this game for 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 months. I’m going to miss all the bonuses and the free stuff they gave us to celebrate but it makes me wanting next year to come faster!

I agree with the bonuses being nice the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately I feel like the rates are more appropriate to how things should be all the time. Especially the adventure box bonus to Buy Trove Flux. The drop rates are just way too low. Every day should be adventure box day. Same with XP. The level 25-30 grind is massive and the XP bonus made it tolerable.

The weekly bonuses were fun and amazing, sadly, the golden boxes, the “special” thing we were supposed to get for playing for the 2 weeks, was very, VERY lackluster. the common rewards were junk, the minor EXP coins and untradeable dragon souls only helped very new players, and the karma rewards…stellar gems, really? 99.99% of these were crap, thus were worth 150 dust. a common reward was 300-9999 dust. as a “rare” reward i got half of a common reward.

I have noticed significant improvements on many facets from network optimization, community engagement, content, etc. Some people do notice. Can’t wait for clubs stuff– should really be a game-changer for a lot of people and help immensely with player retention.