Trove: in essence a large part of the flux economy

While I understand what your saying I don’t agree with it. Firstly I would point out that multi boxing and hacking are not the same thing and hackers/bothers and autoclickers should be banned on site. Secondly I don’t think you quite understand the positive influence that multi boxing makes on the game, yes there is a lot more flux in the game now which in essence makes items ect worth less however in removing multi boxing and in essence a large part of the Trove Flux economy you would drive prices up, you complain that patron is expensive yet the price of this would be higher…. unlike hackers… multi boxing takes considerable amount of effort to setup and use, anyone is capable of doing so and this includes you, you are just not prepared to put in the work. I myself own and use alt accounts and spent many many hours setting them up and getting them to the point they are at. I encourage others to do the same as this game only has so much content at which point it gets boring, creating and use alt accounts gives you another level of enjoyment, part of that enjoyment come from the benefits of it but it does not go without work and determination.

What? That’s not how inflation works. Not that I’m saying multiaccounters are a significant impact on it. Multi accounters are partially a result on limited storage space and weekly restrictions which is a shame.

In regards to high mf not doing much. I can farm multiple stellars a day with max mf. I just choose not to most days because gem progress is low and even with max storage space, I get less and less free space as time goes on because getting better gems is not happening. Basically farming punishes me and is grindy.

I agree, this game should not be about how many toons you can run to get the flux you need to buy troves of wonder. its wrong. the Devs would not allow it to happen on Rift, then they should simply do the same thing here. but i guarantee you that they wont even entertain the idea of Cheap Trove Flux because then they would end up with far-far fewer players then they got now. and in mmorpg’s its all about how many player you have playing the game in question …

Consider this. All those materials you see on market? Cut those in half if not more. Their prices will rise exponentially. In fact, the prices of a lot of items will rise exponentially with the removal of alt accounts. Trove STRIVES on the alts of players, the materials others gain from farming with multiple accounts for sunlight bulbs and whatnot.

What do you think would happen if all that just… Vanished? Would you be prepared for the onslaught of difficulty that would ensue? Where new players either spend hours solo farming materials, or don’t even have enough flux to afford like 10 somber souls?