Trove: constructive criticism is fine

The only reason why i played as much during the event is because of the patron.I was thinking of buying it and than i got it for free xD.The rest is pretty much useless and also with the every bonus active and patron trove feels decent enough at grinding.

I feel like the type of people that complain about these kinda things, like free events or buffs are the ones that get all mad when they get a card for Christmas through the Trove Flux for sale. Start complaining it doesn’t have money or something; it’s a celebration and you got free stuff that they could have done nothing for, you have a net gain.

Most of the comments/questions in the livestream question list have been in there repeatedly, yet only about 0.1% are answered, or either never answered. Listening to the community huh… I’m not sure about that now…

Constructive criticism is fine, but this isn’t that. I understand that you’d like the game to be something different than it is, but to say the dev team isn’t working hard or is disinterested because you haven’t seen the changes you specifically want to see is not productive.

As everyone is aware, our team is small and our devs wear many hats. We’re working on preparing the game for console release later this year, adding content for our next major patch, building our new class and the biome related to that class, and new enemies to populate it. In addition to that, Atronos is working on getting a very large collection of player created items ready for the game. This is going to be the largest implementation of player created content in a long time.

On top of all that, we’re planning and preparing things we can’t discuss yet. I understand that not knowing something can make it seem like nothing is happening, but that’s just not the Cheap Trove Flux. We’re a passionately committed group of people who love what we’re doing and not everyone gets to say that. We work a lot and players can sometimes miss the scale of what we’re trying to accomplish, and that’s okay too.

We don’t do what we do so everyone will love us, we do what we do because we love it, and if enough players dig it too, then I call that a win. All of us have to make the decision of who we want to be in this community. You can be the person who tears down or the person who has concerns and expresses them in a way that helps us all do better. We don’t expect the forums to be a utopia of rainbows and high fives, but we do expect to be able to have civil conversations.

I don’t know about you guys but I had a great time during the anniversary. I actually felt like I could play trove for hours on end without getting bored of leveling or grinding and what not. I advanced more in this game for 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 months. I’m going to miss all the bonuses and the free stuff they gave us to celebrate but it makes me wanting next year to come faster!

I agree with the bonuses being nice the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately I feel like the rates are more appropriate to how things should be all the time. Especially the adventure box bonus to Buy Trove Flux. The drop rates are just way too low. Every day should be adventure box day. Same with XP. The level 25-30 grind is massive and the XP bonus made it tolerable.

The weekly bonuses were fun and amazing, sadly, the golden boxes, the “special” thing we were supposed to get for playing for the 2 weeks, was very, VERY lackluster. the common rewards were junk, the minor EXP coins and untradeable dragon souls only helped very new players, and the karma rewards…stellar gems, really? 99.99% of these were crap, thus were worth 150 dust. a common reward was 300-9999 dust. as a “rare” reward i got half of a common reward.

I have noticed significant improvements on many facets from network optimization, community engagement, content, etc. Some people do notice. Can’t wait for clubs stuff– should really be a game-changer for a lot of people and help immensely with player retention.

Trove: in essence a large part of the flux economy

While I understand what your saying I don’t agree with it. Firstly I would point out that multi boxing and hacking are not the same thing and hackers/bothers and autoclickers should be banned on site. Secondly I don’t think you quite understand the positive influence that multi boxing makes on the game, yes there is a lot more flux in the game now which in essence makes items ect worth less however in removing multi boxing and in essence a large part of the Trove Flux economy you would drive prices up, you complain that patron is expensive yet the price of this would be higher…. unlike hackers… multi boxing takes considerable amount of effort to setup and use, anyone is capable of doing so and this includes you, you are just not prepared to put in the work. I myself own and use alt accounts and spent many many hours setting them up and getting them to the point they are at. I encourage others to do the same as this game only has so much content at which point it gets boring, creating and use alt accounts gives you another level of enjoyment, part of that enjoyment come from the benefits of it but it does not go without work and determination.

What? That’s not how inflation works. Not that I’m saying multiaccounters are a significant impact on it. Multi accounters are partially a result on limited storage space and weekly restrictions which is a shame.

In regards to high mf not doing much. I can farm multiple stellars a day with max mf. I just choose not to most days because gem progress is low and even with max storage space, I get less and less free space as time goes on because getting better gems is not happening. Basically farming punishes me and is grindy.

I agree, this game should not be about how many toons you can run to get the flux you need to buy troves of wonder. its wrong. the Devs would not allow it to happen on Rift, then they should simply do the same thing here. but i guarantee you that they wont even entertain the idea of Cheap Trove Flux because then they would end up with far-far fewer players then they got now. and in mmorpg’s its all about how many player you have playing the game in question …

Consider this. All those materials you see on market? Cut those in half if not more. Their prices will rise exponentially. In fact, the prices of a lot of items will rise exponentially with the removal of alt accounts. Trove STRIVES on the alts of players, the materials others gain from farming with multiple accounts for sunlight bulbs and whatnot.

What do you think would happen if all that just… Vanished? Would you be prepared for the onslaught of difficulty that would ensue? Where new players either spend hours solo farming materials, or don’t even have enough flux to afford like 10 somber souls?

Trove: already applied to your damage through mastery up to a max of 60%

A while ago I challenged myself to find an alternative to Shadow Hunter’s point and click adventure, and I think I found it in the most unlikely spot with Revenant. What I mean by alternative is that it has near or above the dps of SH while also keeping the properties of the gem. These properties included little to no setup time, low ramp up to maximum damage, no major drops in maximum dps, and low amount of abilities used at once. A class not built around damage, a gimmick flask that has no right to work here, and an ally that has the wrong damage type all add up to one of the Cheap Trove Flux to greatest damage dealersand the strongest gimmick build I have made yet. After a lot of theorycrafting to get this to work I am happy with the way it turned out.

Before continuing you must know how both cooldown reductions and damage bonuses work in Trove to fully understand this guide. Cooldowns are first up and they come in two flavours, negative and reduction. There are only two negative cooldowns in the game being Chronomantic and Boomeranger’s Boomerang; both of which add -7 seconds (sounds odd but phrasing is important here). Moving on we have cooldown reduction which reduces all cooldowns by a set amount being either 20% or 9.1%. This is odd as the allies list 25% and 10% respectively but never give it as they divide by the values instead of multiply (ie: x/1.25 instead of x*0.75). Now if you were paying attention I said that it reduces all cooldowns, so this includes negative cooldowns as well lowering them to -5.6 or 6.4 seconds.

For damage bonuses it is easier to figure out but often more painful to hear to those who don’t know about them. There are two main damage bonus allies you will come across being a 20% or 8% increase. Much like cooldown reductions these values are actually lower than listed but for an entirely different reason. Normally you will have a bonus already applied to your damage through mastery up to a max of 60%. Since this is present the increase you would normally gain is lower than you would think as the bonuses are additive. Using ((1.6+x)/1.6) you can find out how useful those allies really are (change 1.6 to whatever your bonus is). That 20% turns into 12.5% meanwhile the 8% turns into 5%. This means that the only time 20% is 20% is when you have no mastery levels at all. The higher you go the lower the increase and overall effectiveness of these allies.

Now that that is over with time to move onto main subject, Aegis Assault. Being the damage orientated Bulwark Bash it allows for the class to excel in a category it was lacking in post health damage nerf. Getting the class gem reduces the cooldown from 7 seconds to 1 seconds while keeping the same 750% damage. If that was not good enough it also has what can only be described as the most confusing and wonderful damage over time in the game. Each time you hit an enemy you put a stacking DoT on them hitting anywhere from 33% (one hit) up to 82.5% (four hits) every second for 5 seconds. What is odd is that once you get a full stack it does not refresh the timers on the follow-up hits but instead starts a whole new stack letting the first one die off. This effectively means that as long as you continue swinging your shield around you can have two full stacks of 82.5% going at once giving. All this adds up to your base dps just by attacking starting at 750% and ending at 915% after 8 seconds. This is ok to start but it is not fast enough nor deals enough damage.A bit to Buy Trove Flux add on here is that this ability is not just pure damage. Like the ability it replaces, Aegis Assault also has healing effects. Every time you hit an enemy with the swing you heal yourself for 2% HP. This is per hit and not per attack making going after large groups at once safer than fighting a single foe solo. A single enemy is only 2% HP per second while 10 enemies, no matter the strength, is 20% HP per second (ever wonder why a Rev never seems to die on Pinata?).

The next piece going forward is Spirit Spears. For this build it is not used for damage at all, rather that is a trap you should not fall into. The true use for this ability is to kill yourself every minute. Doing this activates your passive which increases your physical damage by 50%. As mentioned before bonuses are never what they are listed so instead of 50% you get 31.25% which is still rather large. As it takes 5.3 seconds to go from full health to death using Spirit Spears and the buff lasts a full minute that means you spend 8% of the time giving yourself a large buff for the other 92%. You are a bit less safe since you now do not have an extra life but the bonus damage is more than worth the cost.

The final ability used in the combination is the ultimate Spirit Storm. This is both the worst and greatest thing about Revenant in any build, not just this one. It is the worst in that it has the absolute lowest damage in the game as well as the lowest crit modifier making it deal even less damage. What it lacks in damage it more than makes up for in utility and how broken it is. With the ability to draw in large amounts of enemies at once you can swing away and hit heaps at once. Be a bit careful using it though as it is a bit broken as it is the only ultimate that has two activations. The first activation starts the ability while the second stops the ability. If you do not hit the second activation (can be at any time whether the ability is active or is on cooldown) there is sometimes a problem where the first activation on the next cycle is instead the second activation (first press does nothing while second hit starts the ability). Sounds odd but having two activation states makes this one of the strongest ultimates in my eyes for reasons not yet stated.

With the abilities out of the way it is time to move onto the ally, flask, and emblem choices. Getting these correct are just as important if not more than obtaining the class gem so do not skimp here. First up, allies.
I mentioned this before that the ally that gives you the highest damage is in fact from the wrong damage group so I bet you can guess who it is. If you said Chronomancer Qubesly you are correct and you can through Trove Flux for sale. There is only one reason to take this and that is the 20% cooldown reduction reducing the Aegis Assault from 1 second to 0.8 seconds. This is a stronger buff than damage allies can ever provide, but how strong is it? Best to show you while comparing it to a 20% damage ally, Rapt Berserker, to showcase both.

Chronomancer: (750*1.25)+(82.5*2)= 1102.5% dps
Rapt Berserker: (750+(82.5*2))*1.125= 1029.375% dps
Now with the passive damage bonus activated.
Chronomancer: ((750*1.25)+(82.5*2))*1.3125= 1447.03125% dps
Rapt Berserker: (750+(82.5*2))*1.4375= 1315.3125% dps

If this was not bad enough for Rapt, Chronomancer also has even more benefits. To get the two DoT stacks you go from the original 8 seconds down to 6.4 seconds increasing the speed it ramps up heavily. Also since you swing the shield at a faster rate you gain more health per second going from 2% per second to 2.5%. When you are facing five or more enemies you out-heal the ability of Prowling Shadow. This all adds up to Chronomancer being the strongest ally for Revenant with the second strongest being Elder or Monarch Dragonling (damage proc, bonus damage, and cooldown reduction).


Trove: players experience in trove

It was another gloomy day in the Cursed Vale, it always seemed to be gloomy there. Gliding past trees with unhindered determination, I saw my goal ahead of me and sped towards it. It was a very spacious grave site spread out around an open section of land, almost as if trees refused to grow near it. There were skeletons littered about and I disposed of them quickly enough with a few well placed magical arrows.

Stepping into the entrance of the catacombs beneath, I double checked my gear to make sure I was ready. My radiant corona’s aura shined brilliantly in the darkness, complimenting the radiance of my recurve as glyphs endow it with great power. Making my way down stairways and corridors, I came across many powerful foes guarding chests with the very treasure I was seeking.

I held the gem up in my hand, allowing the glow from my armor to illuminate it, this was exactly what I had been searching for. Suddenly, a scraping noise from behind jarred me from my gaze and I quickly spun around to face the source, but it had gone before I finished turning. Chalking it up to the Cheap Trove Flux mere paranoia, I shook the moment from my mind and socketed the gem into my equipment, feeling the energy from it surge throughout my body. It was then that I discovered another opening, leading even further down into the depths of this dungeon, and I made my way into the silent darkness.

Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I was taken aback by the sight before me. A huge spiraling staircase leading down a deep and dark cavern stretched below me and immediately my hands gripped the rock to my side to steady myself. I carefully wound my way down to the very bottom and upon arriving, a dreadful shriek pierced the silence that had caressed my ears a moment before. The sound came from above and echoed through the cavern around me. It was as chilling as undeath, and as loud as a thousand souls wailing in anguish. I knew that whatever it was at the top of the stairs, it would be coming for me soon, so I dove behind a chuck of rock that stuck out from the ground and prepared myself mentally.

I peeked out from behind the rock to look up at the creature only to find a huge, green and black shape slowly descending with spread wings the color of acid. As the being came into view, I noticed a large white skull shaped like a birds as its head, and horns jutting out from the side of it that threatened to impale. It landed with a grace unexpected from something its size and peered in my direction, its glowing green eyes practically staring into my soul. I tried to duck back into cover but by then it had seen me already and let out another shriek, only this time it sounded almost like it was defending something.

With the speed of death itself, it sprang from its perch upon the rocks it had landed and flew into the air. It hovered there for a moment, giving me enough time to charge my bow for an attack. Without wasting a second I poured every once of strength I had into one shot, even drinking a flask to Buy Trove Flux with gain extra strength for a time. The undead bird chose at that instant to dive straight at me, and as it did, I let loose a shot that knocked me on my back. I looked up at the creature just as my arrow struck it in the chest and watched in awe and relief as the energy exploded through it, downing the terror before it could reach me.

As I rose from the ground, the beast slowly turned to ash before my very eyes. I started for the stairs back up and within the silence of the caves, a squeaking noise caused me to turn back. A small animal, akin to that of the beast I had slain, gazed up at me and squeaked once more. Realization dawned on me and regret flooded my very being. I had not defeated some terrible creature guarding gold and jewels, but rather a parent defending a different type of treasure. I bent down and scooped up the baby bird, holding it with a tenderness I had never thought to show to any undead. The bird pecked at my armor playfully and slept in my arms as I carried it back up through the catacombs, and to its new home.