Albion Online test server

Although this is not 100% on the topic, I did want to comment on the nature staff changes as a whole. I understand the nature staff is really strong 1v1, probably top 3 (though not #1), but it’s not strong because it kills fast, has burst, or can stop you from running, it’s just strong because it can outlast.

The nature staff is one of the slowest killing weapons, has no CC, and no chase at all so if you are dieing to a nature staff 1v1 you are choosing to stand there and die. With those limitations, I don’t understand the need to nerf the staff at all.

The other changes on the test server also play a large part in changing the relative power of the nature staff already and this is Albion Online Items, Things like Bloodlust can give other weapons a nice increase in longevity also, helping close the gap on other weapons ability to survive.

Additionally, the change to the dagger line W will be huge in offsetting this advantage as well. There are also some really high damage buffs that are coming in on the test server making it even more powerful for some weapons really high burst damage to come into play.

I would love to hear other’s thoughts on this, if they agree or if they have insight that I may have missed into how the nature staff is truly an insurmountable 1v1 weapon.