Albion Online: This would be another key part of the concept

Why don’t you like it in particular? A trainee gatherer may get 1 resource every time he tries to gather, so after 5 min, he should have less resources, than the current meta would allow (if standing near full nodes).

But a fulltime gatherer would get equal or more Albion Online Silver in the same time (again, compared to current meta with full nodes near you).

The concept is all about showing availabilty of resources, but demands high skill level, to harvest properly. Traveling through empty lands is no fun. Traveling through full lands always enables everyone to participate in any action, but still keeps the economy stable.

This would be another key part of the concept: you would get a random chance to participate in a minigame, while gathering. For example a 2d picture of the recource would show up in the middle of your screen and you would have to click certain spots, as fast as possible in a set time frame. The more accurate and fast you do this, the more rewards you will know how to get albion online gold for sale. Each reward could be ranomized or tied to the minigame (like getting up to 50% more fame for the current yield round, or double resource yield for the current turn, or maybe a piece of rare material of the same tier).

I see, so the minigames have to be entertaining, rewarding and should still allow you to react in pvp areas. I think that all these aspects can be covered with the right games and interface set up.

Yeah, the key is balance; so although the maps would contain full resource nodes, it is NOT the most effective way to only sit tight on a t3 node until you unlock t4.

So camping is inefficient and will just yield less and less resources, the longer you gather + your tools will break at some point, so you either have to bring more tools or go back to town for maintainance.