An in-game feedback sort of thing

Fast travel w/ gear should cost as much as what you’re taking with you and possibly more.Mount speed change sounds like a shitty solution to a larger problem.

Weight being reduced would be okay I think, probably will need some tweaks but over time it’ll hopefully elongate the amount of time players spend gathering at once, increasing the risks of doing so, goes back to #2 in that if everything was a bit less spread out it’d be riskier and travel wouldn’t feel like a chore.

Persistent mounts would be cool, but imagine dismounting an ox and waiting near a crossroad for pvp and then hopping back on it when you reach 1/3rd health and the rest of your team keeps fighting, there better be a cast time to get back onto that mount. Same with finding a gatherer and them just hopping onto a t5 horse and peacing out. It also feels like it’d be out of place in this game to buy Cheap Albion Online Silver but I wouldn’t know without seeing it.

I like both of those solutions, as long as there are only 4 or 5 enchanted zones on the entire map and they’re black zones, both would be amazing for pvp, imagine fighting over control of a tile for abundant resources.

I d really suggest you change the way you wrote your opening post. The thread title and the last question kind of leave the impression that you are just providing a neutral poll in which ppl can express their oppinion and you seem to like to count the pro/con voices. HOWEVER…and I first didnt wann to get more Albion Online Gold, you are obviously formulating it more critical towards the new system. In your opening post you assume that the “silent” majority doesn’t support these changes. Well… I have a totally different impression and I think (propperly implemented) that the upcoming changes will satisfy the vast majority of casual and hardcore players.

If you want your “poll” to be taken serious by Developers and responsible staffers and the outcome not be biased then you ought to formulate it way more neutral. You can still be critical towards the changes and voice your opposition outside the opening post. The most important things with polls and questions within (assuming your intentions are honest) is the way to find the best albion online silver store. You should try to formlate it as objective as possible otherwise some people (like myself) will not take the whole discussion and especially the outcome serious. Lets say you conclude that the changes are bad and the most people want the old system back then it will not be based on a valid poll. The methodology of a poll shouldnt be underestimated. And just please…dont take it too personally. I m just a guy from the quantitative research field.

For beta they should add an in-game feedback sort of thing, where they give you neutral pointed questions, or broad ones whatever they want, and then you get silver for answering them. It’s okay because it’s beta and it’d get people who don’t bother going on the forums to complain. The silent players will do it for easy silver and they’d get a better look at what the player base thinks.