The little secret in Albion

The little secret is, they make this game to make more Albion Online Gold. The majority of players in any games are casual players. Casual players is usually people with jobs family and other obligations, but more importantly it’s people with money. learning points makes casual players feel they have som progression even if they can’t spend 8-12 hour a day playing video games, as long they feel they get some progression they keep paying. Now the real hard core players might as anyone else spend money at start, but after that they probably is much more likely to be able to finance their “fees” by what they make in the game, in other words they wont bring the Company any new money.

So removing alts and removing/limiting learning points might be a good thing for the hard core players that feels one should at least spend 7-8 hours a day working hard to achive something, they might feel cheated that what they have to work hard to get others can just buy with real AO Silver. And it maybe is unfair, but its good business and good business makes a better longer lived game.

The purpose of alts is to spread your tasks around. So each alt is still gaining fame at a rate of x per x resources in. Meaning all alts will be hiting those fame requirements off of their specific task, i.e. I gathered 1k t4 hides on one character, then processed them on another, then crafted x # of leather chest bodies on the 3rd. All are gaining fame at a rate.

Now this wouldn’t be a problem comparing it to one character gaining the fame from ALL sources. Obviously he would be getting more than each individual alt correct?

Well not really because of how fame amps up with tiers.

The one doing everything on one character will be starved out around t4 bringing in fame from t4 resources while the person handling each individual process on different characters (with the same LP invested) will be handling atleast T6 albion online gold market (+ enchanted resources) netting way more fame per gather / time invested.

It is true that i am a bit of an outlier and an exception BUT what i am doing myself is being replicated in guilds all over the game. Any main player most likely is running atleast 1 alt to contribute to guild production.

LP just doesnt work, no matter how you try to implement or tweak it. From a logical standpoint it is taking 5 steps backwards while trying to move forwards.