Dicussion about FFXIV Deep dungeon that the only players

In a later adjustment to this they are adding a leader board (per job) to track who gets the furthest. I assume that 101-200 will be a respectable challenge due to the fact that a leader board would be buy ffxiv gil pointless if it wasn’t. 1-100 is more or less a “Here’s a slightly less boring way to get a trickle of xp that isn’t fates.” If the rate isn’t awful or scales to your level percentage wise then it shouldn’t be a horrible trade off. On the other hand, if it comes out and doesn’t at least grant tomes very few players are going to bother with it if they are finsished/ing their relic.

You guys do know the Deep Dungeon is more of a “challenge how far a player can go” type of content?

Entering with a group is just for extra fun but the main thing for Deep Dungeon is to see how far a player can go into the place solo without the help of any players.

It was said in a earlier dicussion about Deep dungeon that the only players on the leader board are those who enter Deep Dungeon Solo and Solo the place. Those who enter Deep Dungeon with a group of players will not be on the Leader Board but their progress will be saved.