The “moral compass” of Blade And Soul

I just don’t see how this is a big issue to you. I meant, if there is a achievement for sitting one hour then heck I would afk that one hour. Does that count as cheating too? So if I need 1000 death achievement. I went afk and let someone kill and res me over and over while I am afk. Is that cheating too?

You are right that our “moral compass” is on a different “wavelength”. Those are the words you used right?

If get together to hunt down achievement is cheating to you so much. You should be prepare for what more to come with Blade And Soul Gold. Bot, gold sell, buy gear with irl money, buy account and more!

Now, please don’t attack me. I am trying my best not to be rude. I didn’t insult you once. But if I come out rude or you find it offensive then I am sorry. I can guarantee you that I am simply try to show my opinion on what cheating is and what is not.

Trading kills for an achievement is essentially the same as trading kills in arena. It is our personal feelings about the values of each that vary. Just like there are those that do not approve of trading kills in arena there are others that do not want trading of kills in Faction PvP. Both have their rewards to work toward.

I won’t argue morality or the value of an achievement with anyone. However, for me, this is the only achievement that I cannot get with what I would call “regular” playing of the game. Changing factions is something I would NEVER do. Therefore, I would never get this achievement/title.

Since I do want this title, I’m willing to begin the game on a faction I don’t intend to play with Blade & Soul Power leveling. This will prevent me from being a part of the guild I am currently in and helping them progress. The time spent doing this particular part of this achievement is something I would like to minimize as much as possible for this reason.

Right now, every taken Crimson slot represents a Cerulean player who is going to start the game as Crimson, just to get this part of the title done. If there are any Crimson players who wish to start as Cerulean to get that part of the achievement done, they are welcome to join.