Blade & Soul Puzzles And Such Can Definitely

I think it should be a combination though. Puzzles and such can definitely help prevent or hinder bots. At the same time we need to do our part as players by playing honestly and working for what we want. There will still be players who are too lazy and will Buy Blade And Soul Gold anyway…. so we have to be prepared for that to some extent. Guides on how to farm money, reminders not to buy from bots and why, etc may HOPEfully deter some people from going that route.

Clearly BNS Gold sellers in certain games (*cough* Aion *cough*) have such high demand that there are just as many bots as there are players, if not more. They’ve even started advertising on facebook….there’s no escape if you give them enough power. (don’t ask me how but one of them found me on facebook and advertised in a private message….I almost cried).

Except not everyone has access to a smart phone. A timed captcha/ puzzle isn’t full proof (nothing is honestly) but at least it doesn’t prevent people who don’t have certain resources from playing or participating in parts of the game. I simply game my suggestion before as a possible way to actively combat bots.

I’ve got 3 spares in the draw in my bedroom lol.. All running android 2.2 and up. I was also thinking earlier that its not that much money to get a new sim card and a smart phone with it. ($45 aud) which is equivalent to a level 1 founders package. If prepaid is as easy to get here as elsewhere then access wont be an issue at all.

Based on my experience in cabal online dedicating resources to a Captcha type system will be a complete waste of time and resources. Good point made about you only need 1 superviser infront of 5-20 machines to type in the captcha when it pops up. A puzzle type system might be more worth it. But if they’re running 25 bots or so, they’re going to grab an understanding of that concept very fast.

If you keep market prices low you can probably remove any gain from Blade & Soul Gold sellers and bots. Run events and free handouts, remove the grind for those tradeable items, put upgrade materials in the main quest rewards etc. (this is what China done after all, Its always raining events in that server and apart from 1 or 2 bots on the hull of the ship in LL24man i havent seen any bot groups.)