How Do You Feel About Blade & Soul Game Engine

It’s called accepting the reality that it is.
I played WOW in the vanilla days and did hardcore raiding in 40 man dungeons, with what at the time was considered a fairly powerful PC rig. (This was when WOW had a DX9 ONLY client — though their DX11 client only really added a few graphical tweaks; nothing more).

Yeah; 10-15 FPS.
Now, keep in mind that WOW doesn’t have all the physics and craziness going on that B&S, GW2 and other similar games do. But having 40 players running about, doing whatever, it’s very taxing. Specially in a DX9 environment.

UE3 was designed with first person shooter games in mind primarily. Typically those games are based around 10 players more or less on screen.

Using that same engine for an MMO, as many Korean devs were obsessed with doing back in 2006, is absolutely not wise to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. It certainly looks good and ages well, depending on the art/textures used (As you can see with B&S; it’s been in development since 2006 and for a game of it’s age, it still looks alright).

Add to the fact that the game’s API is almost entirely built around DX9 and that your game has content for 20+ players and open world environments with the possibility for dozens of players, over 100+ in some cases and you have a problem.

Yes you can complain all you want. But reality is, there is very little they can do.
They can tweak the way things are allocated but in the end you’ll still have 1 main core for rendering and 3 additional “helper” cores that are just there throwing confetti at the main core.