Block vs Evasion vs Defense vs HP

I know none of these stats really matters and it’s all about crit and more crit but for the sake of min maxing, some of these are secondary stats alongside crit. Which one is overall more effective as a defensive stat?

For instance, on bloodshade piece 8, is it better to have 94 def or 940 hp? I think for most people, the 940 hp looks better because you visibly have almost 1k more HP. But in practice, does 94 def give more EHP?

Also evasion vs block. Which is more effective? Personally I don’t really notice evasion that much except for the occasional dodging of some projectiles as I’m running past mobs. I don’t think I’ve ever actually evaded a boss attack but I have definitely blocked them which helps.

Everything else besides pierce is pretty much pointless when you have decent or higher Blade & Soul Items. Pierce is good because it basically makes the enemy defense stats less meaningful.

I prioritize all three defensive stats because of diminishing returns. The more you can spread out your stat budget across absolutely everything, the better off you are overall. Hence why I now have some 25% damage reduction, 26% dodge chance, and 36% block chance (which results in a significant majority of attacks having little-to-no effect).