My Standard Routine in Blade & Soul

I think it was between 6pm and 7pm yesterday, 2/8/2016. At the time, the name of my character was already changed from “mushin” to”genericnameone.” I was following my standard routine, logging into each of my alts and sending moonwater transformation stones to my main. For the first four transfers, I accidentally sent the stones to mushin, out of habit… it went through, because somehow another player had already made a character with the name mushin. The next two transfers were done correctly, to genericnameone.

My name change was conducted around noon EST. Consequently, if you check the mail transfer list of a character named mushin, after that time, then you may see strange transfers of 10 moonwater transformation stones to that character – a low level destroyer.

Thank you for your help, both with this and the name issue… Blade-Soul would appreciate it if this can be solved before the content update…

As you can see, although I mentioned this fact repeatedly the support continued to not really check the transfer record of the alts and kept insisting that I already got the stones… It may be a bit confusing, but just checking the transfer record of each alt on the evening of February 8th will show this.

Not just one alt, but all 6 alts – maybe they checked one alt, saw that the transfer was to the correct character, and stopped checking. However, two of the alts did send the stones correctly, it’s just the other four alts that sent the stones to “mushin.”

First off, unfortunately, all the names you had provided us are all taken. We would like to ask again for another batch of names. Second, We had checked your logs and found out that the 40 ” Moonwater Transformation Stones” are successfully mailed to your toon Mushin before we had renamed it to GenericNameOne. Kindly check your inventory to see the items.