Blade & Soul: the 2 stun breaks

FM has the best 2 stun breaks in the game, Destroyer has a minute cooldown and requires giving up their burst, Assassin requires flower to already be down and then has a 45 second cooldown, FM just has a 36 second cooldown stun break that also freezes. If you learn to manage chill stacks and don’t hit the first .

5 seconds of parry spin BD will never once hit you with an aerial combo until maelstrom hongmoon. KFM can only aerial you after a backstep or roll once per 18 seconds and they have a chill ignoring kick, save q/e for his Blade & Soul Gold you win if you keep him chilled all match only needing to watch out for Ice Flower removing chill once per 36 seconds but you have 2 36 second cooldown stun breaks and you can ignore counter ATM since it only blocks one attack, their only freeze removal is also on their 8 second cooldown backstep so walk behind them while they frozen for DPS but always keep a chill stack on since if they are looking at you while frozen they can use charge skills since chill is removed, same as all classes.

Destroyers can remove chill once per 24 seconds with a charging daze, or 45 seconds on hitting with 5m range Typhoon spin that will knock you back, don’t attack first .5 seconds of spin and keep up chill to win, also if they resist with SS or the skill where they glow white with resists they have knockup charge once per 18 seconds q/e to avoid if you see them resist. Assassin you just need to not attack into counter and if you do spam impact to get them out but don’t get hit by throwing dagger, again only freeze removal on 8 second backstep until Shunpo or Lightning Stride once per 24 seconds during their counter.

Summoner just grab them out of their petal storm, freeze them, wait for SS freeze them again and you have 12 seconds of free Blade & Soul Power leveling. BM removes chill per 8 seconds with backstep but it is also their only freeze removal besides when you let them block an attack once per 6 seconds but block is only frontal, they heal off projectiles with Warding Spirit up that they use once a minute when they active soul blades, grab them and wait the duration out.