Warlock vs Force Master in Blade & Soul

Almost all the FM spells are instant. So you can always hit and run. FM is more flexible and has many ways to resist damage, so you know, hard to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I always get the aggro if I take care of the skill sequence.

Warlock has some spells with long cast time so you cant move when you use them. And you only have Z and SS to resist damage I guess? But the DPS should be nice according to my investigation from Chinese bns BBS.

All their skills look gorgeous. Currently I am enjoying playing Fm and I will try Warlock as well to see if I can handle the cast time.

Class “versatility” is a vague notion and I can’t answer that question for you. Every class is “versatile” depending on how you play.

Also, while I find questions about “which one is more fun” to be rather stupid, I’ll answer this one with my personal experience anyways: I found FM to be boring while I was leveling it. As a matter of fact, it was an immensely boring character to level for me — even more so than my summoner. It only became interesting to me once I hit 45.

Fun is subjective. I can say WL is more fun and cooler looking, but players who main FM might say otherwise so just try both and see which is more fun.

DPS-wise, current meta in KR has FM at the higher position. But you will definitely want a WL in your party with Spiritualisation Blade And Soul Items. In foreign servers, some high-leveled players are even willing to carry a low-level WL as long as they get the Spiritualisation buff.

Fun can become objective if you place description and reasons for it being fun. both can be fun absolutely but the reason behind it being fun is what im after.maybe my fault for not delivering questions more specific.