BSH and Pohwaran Dungeons

we’re not gonna have those for release i believe (feel sad now, BM?), because in order to get those skills you absolutely need the BSH and Pohwaran dungeons and the associated achievements, unless they change it to blue dungeons, and i dont think they will want to water down their endgame to that extend. Its supposed to be a long process, takes weeks or even months to complete the achievement for those skills. Also most of the hongmon skills are actually not unlocked until 50, aside from the grasses eating achievement (you have to eat 7 or 8 types of rare herbs) and the boss kill achievement (10 of each of 3 different bosses, we dont know which bosses yet), so you’re not gonna see them at 45 most likely.

Also, i’ve never seen a game publisher that actively maintain a wiki page for their game, even the KR versions dont, all the info you found are all fan sites. Wikis afaik are all fan-made, and there just isnt a big enough community of english speaking players up until now to warrant making an english one, so flaming NCsoft for not having more information is just…. I dont think they expect you to know other languages or even play other versions, more like they expect you to actually learn about it in game, like every other MMOs and games that i know of. This is the same for new player playing the games.

If you read all the level up survey questions, they actively ask questions aimed for new players, as if they assume that you dont know a thing about the game. And i think that’s how it’s supposed to be for Blade And Soul Gold. Just because this is an old game in other versions, i think we’re very spoiled in thinking that there’s always an answer instantly because of the army of veteran players. Try to imagine the completely new release of games, like when Wildstar got released, nobody knew what the fuck they were doing, so no one even bother asking stupid questions, yet somehow people still kept playing. Apply that mentality here and just appreciate that there’s somewhere you can go for answer instead of being completely lost.

The only game that actively feed its players vital information is WoW afaik, and they only started recently because they wanted big community sites to stop data mining their servers (they basically made an agreement that they will feed those sites info in exchange that they dont spoil their announcements iirc).