The “moral compass” of Blade And Soul

I just don’t see how this is a big issue to you. I meant, if there is a achievement for sitting one hour then heck I would afk that one hour. Does that count as cheating too? So if I need 1000 death achievement. I went afk and let someone kill and res me over and over while I am afk. Is that cheating too?

You are right that our “moral compass” is on a different “wavelength”. Those are the words you used right?

If get together to hunt down achievement is cheating to you so much. You should be prepare for what more to come with Blade And Soul Gold. Bot, gold sell, buy gear with irl money, buy account and more!

Now, please don’t attack me. I am trying my best not to be rude. I didn’t insult you once. But if I come out rude or you find it offensive then I am sorry. I can guarantee you that I am simply try to show my opinion on what cheating is and what is not.

Trading kills for an achievement is essentially the same as trading kills in arena. It is our personal feelings about the values of each that vary. Just like there are those that do not approve of trading kills in arena there are others that do not want trading of kills in Faction PvP. Both have their rewards to work toward.

I won’t argue morality or the value of an achievement with anyone. However, for me, this is the only achievement that I cannot get with what I would call “regular” playing of the game. Changing factions is something I would NEVER do. Therefore, I would never get this achievement/title.

Since I do want this title, I’m willing to begin the game on a faction I don’t intend to play with Blade & Soul Power leveling. This will prevent me from being a part of the guild I am currently in and helping them progress. The time spent doing this particular part of this achievement is something I would like to minimize as much as possible for this reason.

Right now, every taken Crimson slot represents a Cerulean player who is going to start the game as Crimson, just to get this part of the title done. If there are any Crimson players who wish to start as Cerulean to get that part of the achievement done, they are welcome to join.

Blade & Soul Puzzles And Such Can Definitely

I think it should be a combination though. Puzzles and such can definitely help prevent or hinder bots. At the same time we need to do our part as players by playing honestly and working for what we want. There will still be players who are too lazy and will Buy Blade And Soul Gold anyway…. so we have to be prepared for that to some extent. Guides on how to farm money, reminders not to buy from bots and why, etc may HOPEfully deter some people from going that route.

Clearly BNS Gold sellers in certain games (*cough* Aion *cough*) have such high demand that there are just as many bots as there are players, if not more. They’ve even started advertising on facebook….there’s no escape if you give them enough power. (don’t ask me how but one of them found me on facebook and advertised in a private message….I almost cried).

Except not everyone has access to a smart phone. A timed captcha/ puzzle isn’t full proof (nothing is honestly) but at least it doesn’t prevent people who don’t have certain resources from playing or participating in parts of the game. I simply game my suggestion before as a possible way to actively combat bots.

I’ve got 3 spares in the draw in my bedroom lol.. All running android 2.2 and up. I was also thinking earlier that its not that much money to get a new sim card and a smart phone with it. ($45 aud) which is equivalent to a level 1 founders package. If prepaid is as easy to get here as elsewhere then access wont be an issue at all.

Based on my experience in cabal online dedicating resources to a Captcha type system will be a complete waste of time and resources. Good point made about you only need 1 superviser infront of 5-20 machines to type in the captcha when it pops up. A puzzle type system might be more worth it. But if they’re running 25 bots or so, they’re going to grab an understanding of that concept very fast.

If you keep market prices low you can probably remove any gain from Blade & Soul Gold sellers and bots. Run events and free handouts, remove the grind for those tradeable items, put upgrade materials in the main quest rewards etc. (this is what China done after all, Its always raining events in that server and apart from 1 or 2 bots on the hull of the ship in LL24man i havent seen any bot groups.)

How Do You Feel About Blade & Soul Game Engine

It’s called accepting the reality that it is.
I played WOW in the vanilla days and did hardcore raiding in 40 man dungeons, with what at the time was considered a fairly powerful PC rig. (This was when WOW had a DX9 ONLY client — though their DX11 client only really added a few graphical tweaks; nothing more).

Yeah; 10-15 FPS.
Now, keep in mind that WOW doesn’t have all the physics and craziness going on that B&S, GW2 and other similar games do. But having 40 players running about, doing whatever, it’s very taxing. Specially in a DX9 environment.

UE3 was designed with first person shooter games in mind primarily. Typically those games are based around 10 players more or less on screen.

Using that same engine for an MMO, as many Korean devs were obsessed with doing back in 2006, is absolutely not wise to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. It certainly looks good and ages well, depending on the art/textures used (As you can see with B&S; it’s been in development since 2006 and for a game of it’s age, it still looks alright).

Add to the fact that the game’s API is almost entirely built around DX9 and that your game has content for 20+ players and open world environments with the possibility for dozens of players, over 100+ in some cases and you have a problem.

Yes you can complain all you want. But reality is, there is very little they can do.
They can tweak the way things are allocated but in the end you’ll still have 1 main core for rendering and 3 additional “helper” cores that are just there throwing confetti at the main core.

Block vs Evasion vs Defense vs HP

I know none of these stats really matters and it’s all about crit and more crit but for the sake of min maxing, some of these are secondary stats alongside crit. Which one is overall more effective as a defensive stat?

For instance, on bloodshade piece 8, is it better to have 94 def or 940 hp? I think for most people, the 940 hp looks better because you visibly have almost 1k more HP. But in practice, does 94 def give more EHP?

Also evasion vs block. Which is more effective? Personally I don’t really notice evasion that much except for the occasional dodging of some projectiles as I’m running past mobs. I don’t think I’ve ever actually evaded a boss attack but I have definitely blocked them which helps.

Everything else besides pierce is pretty much pointless when you have decent or higher Blade & Soul Items. Pierce is good because it basically makes the enemy defense stats less meaningful.

I prioritize all three defensive stats because of diminishing returns. The more you can spread out your stat budget across absolutely everything, the better off you are overall. Hence why I now have some 25% damage reduction, 26% dodge chance, and 36% block chance (which results in a significant majority of attacks having little-to-no effect).

Blade & Soul Rising Waters Patch Notes HM Skills Sin


Hongmoon Levels are now available. You can now continue to Buy Blade And Soul Gold past level 45 and earn Hongmoon Levels up to 5 which will grant you additional skill points and stats.
A new Daily Dash is available and will run for 8 weeks until April 6th, 2016.
Added achievements for Bloodshade Harbor, Nightshade Harbor, Mushin’s Tower and more.
New loading screens are available in English, French, and German.
You can now have a total of 4 skill pages in the Martial Tome, up from 3.
Fixed an issue with clan and party chat for low level characters.
Fixed various issues with collision and access to unintended areas.

User Interface

The Martial Tome UI has been overhauled and now includes additional filtering and sorting options.
Overhauled the Recommended Skills UI.
Fixed transparency issues on the Hongmoon Store.
Removed notifications for inactive content from the Clock UI.
Added the ability to customize the Clock UI to additional time zones.
Updated the icons for Salvage.
Fixed an issue with the Exit button on the PIN/OTP UI.
Fixed an issue with in-game banners at 4K resolution.


Welcome to Blade & Soul PvP Preseason 1! The season will run from February 10th, 2016 to March 9th, 2016. You can now earn Zen Beans and Zen Bean vendors have been added to the game. In addition, rewards will be distributed at the end of the season based on your ranking.
Added new PvP ranking UI.


New Hongmoon Skills are available for each class! Unlock them by using the secret Hongmoon Skill scrolls from 4-member Bloodshade Harbor.
All Hongmoon skills now cost 2 skill points to train.
New Recommended Skill Builds are available for very class.
If you are affected by Knock Down and are inflicted with Stun or Daze you will no longer be able to use an ability that requires Knock Down status.
If you are affected by Knock Down or Daze and are inflicted with Stun you can no longer Retreat (F).


Awakened Pirate and True Pirate weapons are now available and have had their critical damage bonuses increased.
Awakened Pirate and True Pirate weapons now receive the 100% Focus restoration effect starting from Stage 1.
Awakened Siren and higher weapons now have a chance to restore 100% Focus, up from 70%.
Awakened Siren and higher weapons now increase skill damage.
Added Zen Ben rewards to the Premium Membership tab in Dragon Express with the help of Blade & Soul Power leveling.
Additional items can now be stored in the Wardrobe.
Updated the recipe for Blackwyrm Roar Resist Charm.
Updated rewards for 4-member and 6-member Blackram Supply Chain.


Fixed and updated a large amount of text, voiceover, and cutscene localization in English, German, and French.
Fixed issues with mismatched material names in Crafting and Gathering.
Fixed issues with the Login Queue UI in French and German.


Added optimization and performance improvements.
Fixed an issue with purchasing NCoin through the Hongmoon Store.
Improved support for AZERTY keyboards.
Improved error messages.

My Standard Routine in Blade & Soul

I think it was between 6pm and 7pm yesterday, 2/8/2016. At the time, the name of my character was already changed from “mushin” to”genericnameone.” I was following my standard routine, logging into each of my alts and sending moonwater transformation stones to my main. For the first four transfers, I accidentally sent the stones to mushin, out of habit… it went through, because somehow another player had already made a character with the name mushin. The next two transfers were done correctly, to genericnameone.

My name change was conducted around noon EST. Consequently, if you check the mail transfer list of a character named mushin, after that time, then you may see strange transfers of 10 moonwater transformation stones to that character – a low level destroyer.

Thank you for your help, both with this and the name issue… Blade-Soul would appreciate it if this can be solved before the content update…

As you can see, although I mentioned this fact repeatedly the support continued to not really check the transfer record of the alts and kept insisting that I already got the stones… It may be a bit confusing, but just checking the transfer record of each alt on the evening of February 8th will show this.

Not just one alt, but all 6 alts – maybe they checked one alt, saw that the transfer was to the correct character, and stopped checking. However, two of the alts did send the stones correctly, it’s just the other four alts that sent the stones to “mushin.”

First off, unfortunately, all the names you had provided us are all taken. We would like to ask again for another batch of names. Second, We had checked your logs and found out that the 40 ” Moonwater Transformation Stones” are successfully mailed to your toon Mushin before we had renamed it to GenericNameOne. Kindly check your inventory to see the items.

The graphics, game play, storyline, world of Blade & Soul

This isn’t intended to be a complete troll thread, but more just my opinion after playing pretty heavily for over a month. I can understand why people love this game. The graphics, game play, storyline, world. pve and pvp are all very well done, however there are many things that make this game unplayable for casual and non expert gamers. The grind is just way too ridiculous. My main is a 46+ FM needs that needs 47 gold to upgrade its weapon. 12 for the cost and 35ish for the moonwater secret technique. Then I have to wait another day for the trans stone to complete. I’ve tried soloing Brightstone and obviously that didn’t go well.. Not to mention non of my accessories are siren and need ridiculous amounts of grinding as well. I’m not an instant reward guy, but even getting to this point was pretty Blade & Soul Gold. I know MMOs are grinding, but come on. We all seek to hit the highest tier as soon as possible, but I don’t see it any where in sight.

I understand the level of skill this game takes is what makes it special, but the learning curve is pretty rough. I watched vids read tons of threads, but I get wrecked in PVP and I’m not even gold. Which is fine except the game pushes you to PVP for souls. After the 4th day of getting smashed on and I just quit pvp entirely. I’d play a class that is easier to learn, but there no way I’m grinding to 45. That and we don’t have a universal vault so I can transfer gold and stuff over to make it less of a hassle. I guess I could try sparring and practicing but the dailies take up most of the day as it is.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that enjoy all the grinding, but I guarantee you 2/3s of people have or will quit in the near future. My friends have all quit after hitting 45 and seeing the upgrade reqs. This isn’t Korea. The majority of Americans aren’t going to play a game where it can take a week for an upgrade. I hear it doesn’t get easier as we higher either. People paying 1,000s of dollars instead of playing. I noticed the twitch viewers has dropped dramatically and I understand why. This game is for elite American and regular Korean gamers. I commend you. You guys are impressive, but my guess is the player base will only be small amount of you because every else has bailed. Oh and the bots..

I will say that Ive found that this game is not a hard grind to get to 45. Its quite fast and easy to level up in comparison to other games. I dont understand why people want the best stuff in a matter of days, then what? You’d get bored and have nothing else to work for (especially considering that you said you dont want to get another character to 45; which you wouldnt be alone in). Money is easy to obtain even for casuals. Will it take longer to get upgrades?

Of course it will, but thats due to the amount of time you place into the game. Ive never once played a game that rewarded you more for Blade & Soul Power leveling. New games always have a high influx of people because everyone wants to try out the shiny new toy; they never stay the same size as when they initially started. BDO will be exactly the same, as will the next and the next. I think that NA is used to instant gratification and if there isnt any, there’s something wrong with the game (which imo, there isnt). I dont personally believe this game requires much expertise to play. It just takes time to master.

Blade & Soul: Mechanics in PvP

I am a rank 1750ish assassin and a 1800ish destroyer and I finally looked at each skill more specifically and had a bunch of what???

So without furthur ado here are my questions
What is rear charge (as assassin)? Is that where you teleport behind an enemy?
What does it mean by disable charge? Is that like destroyers 2? If it is, then is 1 for destroyer also a charge? And kfms charging kick whatever its called and his jump, is that a charge?

Is decoy considered a parry?
How about kfm counter is that considered a parry?
So if decoy is a parry when destroyers spec stun for their 1, i go in stealth right?
But when destroyers spec the pierces parry does it umm idk word but get through the decoy?

When it says disables defense, is that like destroyers V, BM 1 and KFM 1, FM ice shield, etc..?

How do you use the skill, often times at default 2, to escape grip? More specificially chop as destroyer because to counter grab and the other grabbing BNS Gold. I read you have to time it 0.5 sec after they dmg you while gripped but the person who said that didnt seem sure.

What is the difference between parry and deflect? Are they the same thing?
I probably have more questions as i lv up other char but if you could help me anwser these questions that will help a lot

Blade & Soul: Transmute the Soulstones

If you were going to transmute the soulstones in the first place to make an element/package, why would you even consider their value? By buying soulstones and then transmuting, you are losing money. You can easily get the required amount of soulstones to transmute elements through dailies and PvP. Meese failed to mention that Elder Elements/Jewels are tradeable, and go for a nice bit of gold if you sell one on the market. You save and potentially make more of a profit getting the soulstones yourself and transmuting packages than you would ever get feeding blues for small exp gains.

To be honest for transmute u use 5 soulstones and 50 silver and some powder …wiht this basic cost it got me like a bit over half of 1 bar….its not worth it at least in my eyes, for me the cheapest way is to use those blue weapons that drop in the 12 man instances…

Even if u farm soulstones for transmute u look at the overall cost…so5x 35 silver + 50 silver= 2.25 gold, for that amount i got like 15% of my true siren axe. if i use blue weapons and i pay 10 silver per weapon….from 22 weapons i get way more than 15%

Its only cheap in the moment. In the long run, the elements win. Element packages give you anywhere from 2-4, with a potential one being sellable on the market for an average of 3g on the NA servers. It only costs 1 silver per element as opposed to a handful of silver with one blue. You are not saving money by feeding your HM weapon random blues you find more Blade & Soul Gold. You should be salvaging those for element powders to make your overall progression faster. I don’t really know how I can word this any simpler: feeding your weapon other blues stops being cost effective when you hit Awakened Profane.

Didnt try yet those element packages only that single purple element for weapon which requires 5x soulstones , el powder and 50 silver. maybe the package is more worth but like i say from what i see , at least for me blue weapons where cheaper as that single element. and i dont speak about how muchj powders cost cuse those u get anyway from weapons. but the soulstones, cuse even if u farm them…they are like 35 s/1

Blade & Soul: the 2 stun breaks

FM has the best 2 stun breaks in the game, Destroyer has a minute cooldown and requires giving up their burst, Assassin requires flower to already be down and then has a 45 second cooldown, FM just has a 36 second cooldown stun break that also freezes. If you learn to manage chill stacks and don’t hit the first .

5 seconds of parry spin BD will never once hit you with an aerial combo until maelstrom hongmoon. KFM can only aerial you after a backstep or roll once per 18 seconds and they have a chill ignoring kick, save q/e for his Blade & Soul Gold you win if you keep him chilled all match only needing to watch out for Ice Flower removing chill once per 36 seconds but you have 2 36 second cooldown stun breaks and you can ignore counter ATM since it only blocks one attack, their only freeze removal is also on their 8 second cooldown backstep so walk behind them while they frozen for DPS but always keep a chill stack on since if they are looking at you while frozen they can use charge skills since chill is removed, same as all classes.

Destroyers can remove chill once per 24 seconds with a charging daze, or 45 seconds on hitting with 5m range Typhoon spin that will knock you back, don’t attack first .5 seconds of spin and keep up chill to win, also if they resist with SS or the skill where they glow white with resists they have knockup charge once per 18 seconds q/e to avoid if you see them resist. Assassin you just need to not attack into counter and if you do spam impact to get them out but don’t get hit by throwing dagger, again only freeze removal on 8 second backstep until Shunpo or Lightning Stride once per 24 seconds during their counter.

Summoner just grab them out of their petal storm, freeze them, wait for SS freeze them again and you have 12 seconds of free Blade & Soul Power leveling. BM removes chill per 8 seconds with backstep but it is also their only freeze removal besides when you let them block an attack once per 6 seconds but block is only frontal, they heal off projectiles with Warding Spirit up that they use once a minute when they active soul blades, grab them and wait the duration out.