The NA/EU dev teams in Blade & Soul

I’m pretty sure the NA/EU dev teams wont be creating any updates from scratch, instead just leeching off of what the Korean devs push out and gives to NA/EU. theres a reason why NA isn’t releasing all the content out at once. We’re basically getting the pirated server version of the game except with updated everything else, besides the new classes, level cap, and parts of the world being locked from NA… its to keep the illusion that the NA devs are actually being productive and releasing (old) content on a regular basis besides just fixing bugs here and to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. And the whole “exclusive to NA” costumes that are being released with the master founder packs are already available for purchase in other countries… the NA team is just there for maintenance, we dont get anything special lmao.

The Chinese made one yes they own, the Quickdraw outfit, no; Not yet atleast. But if you look into the files of their game you’ll see the early textures of it. so like i said, i highly doubt NA will hardly be designing anything, or really have any “Exclusives”, all of the game’s development comes from korea, and then the NA dev teams pass down the updates 8 months later, its not that they dont want us to burn through content.

What you say is true 99% of the time in this industry, however keep in mind that the developers of BnS are Team Bloodlust which is a studio that belongs to NCSoft, that happens to also be the publisher of the game. Usually developers and publishers are different, which creates the scenario you described, but in this case since it’s all done within the same company it should be quite easy to allocate dev resources towards the west according to demand and player base size in our region.

If you look at other games like Tera, it’s a lot like you described. BHStudio makes the game and both EnMasse and Gameforge need to keep buying their assets, updates, etc, while just managing a cash shop, keeping the servers up and not much more. Luckily for us, this shouldn’t be the case.

If thats how it’s going to work then i don’t see the problem with releasing all of the updates at once, i get the whole dungeon argument with my BNS Gold, but it becomes worthless to farm those dungeons for gear when people know the company will be pumping out old updates to the game monthly. It sounds a lot more like a company that cannot manage an updated launch, and then start working on new content exclusive and made only in our regions. Either a lack of creativity, experience, or just another way to save money.

Restricting the Wardrobe is a terrible idea

So as i’m sure a lot of people have realised the wardrobe is apparently being restricted to premium players. I -REALLY- think this is a terrible idea, and I hope NCSoft can see why, but let me explain.

Firstly, the inventory is restrictive as it is – You don’t get that much space. It is usually occupied with a variety of items that you effectively need to lug around with you at all times. Hammers, buff items, unsealing charms, etc etc. Costumes, you may think are purely cosmetic – They arent in Blade & Soul. Many of them tie in to PvP, restricting what costumes we can carry around is simply frustrating. Frustrating experiences put players off.

Secondly, the endgame doesn’t actually have much going for it outside of PvP. Collecting costumes is an enormous endgame drive, and if you are actively discouraging “hoarding” of costumes by restricting the wardrobe system, Blade-Soul imagine a lot of people, myself included, are going to be really upset with the wardrobe being blocked off.

I know they need to make their money, but will the amount of frustration garnered by locking off the Wardrobe be worth it? I honestly don’t think it will. A healthy player-base encouraged to go out into the world and collect all of the -amazing- outfits and cosmetics in the game is a far better situation for the game to be in.

Before anyone whines about entitlement and such, keep in mind no other region locks the wardrobe behind premium – I genuinely believe this is because cosmetic farming is an enormous part of the endgame that needs to be perserved.

To clarify when I say it is an enormous part of the endgame, I mean for PvE players primarily, but some PvP too. If this game is entirely directed at PvP’ers, it isn’t going to be widely successful. They -need- to give everybody something to do. And cosmetic farming is something a great deal of people enjoy.’

If NCSoft requires some sort of proof regarding the impact cosmetics have on games, look at Tera Onlines success. You can effectively buy any cosmetic item in the game with ingame currency no problem, and yet they are still raking in an incredible amount of cash from it. B&S has the potential to blow that game out of the water if handled correctly… The Wardrobe feature is one of it’s major hooks.

Yep, another one… Another reason this should not be restricted in my opinion is due to the concept of “Whales” in free to play games. That is, the vast majority of people spend very little, however a minority of people spend a ridiculous amount of money. This has been observed in basically every F2P game, mobile games thrive on it, etc etc. My point is, with the ability to change your outfit anywhere in the game world so conveniently, it will encourage F2P players to actually purchase BNS Gold with NCoin. If you have restricted inventory space for cosmetics, that person might go. “Hmm, I guess i’ll stick to one outfit i really like” instead of continuously changing.

Thanks for all the replies. Keep this conversation going honestly, the only way for NCSoft to see our thoughts is to make them visible. Sadly I don’t use the Blade & Soul Dojo forums, but I may need to make one just to repeat this there and make sure it is seen.

Blade & Soul: possible to play only for pvp

PvE enemies you face will stun, block, and do attacks that you need to block/evade. Basically PvE is like PvPing vs noobs. So it’s pretty fun and mastering them is kind of an elementary prerequisite to be good in PvP.

There are a bunch of tricks in leveling so you can reach act 3 extremely quickly. Even without XP boost I can reach act 3 in a weekend pretty easily (still sleep and eat like a normal person too). Here’s some tips:

1) Study the weapon growth path and efficient ways to level them. If you power spike your weapon efficiently by grinding/buying the right things, you will save a TON of time by just owning things ridiculously fast and AoE quest mobs.

2) Know the right AoE combo and how to use all your avoidance skills so you can AoE things down efficiently. Many solo instances might take 15~30 minutes to do if you kill each enemy 1 at a time like a noob. Yet, if you’re good and try to skip everything and AoE things down (without dying), it may only take 5~10 minutes.

3) Efficient quest paths. Always take all the quests, but always do only quests that are worth your time. Drop quests if they’re out of your way.

You will have to level up to the cap to unlock all of your skills and get Blade-Soul Gold. You’ll also need to level Hongmen level, that’s what goes after cap, up to 10 I think. You’ll unlock additional skill points and you can also master some skills, which require specific books and those aren’t easy to get. You might do well in PvP before reaching it, all depends on your sills. Well, I take this PvP competitive, we’ll see how good the players will be in the West, so far I sometimes struggle in TW version, but it’s hella fun.

Blade & Soul Focused on 1v1 Combat

BnS has a very popular 1v1 mode, 3v3 was introduced not too long ago and is pretty well regarded by the top pvpers. It remains to be seen if this game mode has any potential for tournaments or esport.

The game itself is balanced around 1v1 though, so no, you won’t just find kung fu masters or any one class at the top. There’s always a worst and a best class regardless, but imo it’s not too unbalanced to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. (a completely balanced game has never existed and never will unless you only have one class)

However, since this game is balanced around 1v1 the open world pvp suffers from a bit worse unbalances. Destroyer summoner and blade dancers being the strongest by far

Also, I just want to clear up some confusion I’ve been seeing around lately. BnS is NOT purely a pvp game. The PvE portion of this game is what made it popular in the first place. The problem with the beta is that we don’t have a single heroic dungeon yet, we will at launch though.

What that guy is talking about, but blade master in pvp right now is the weakest class… when we catch up the korean patch they become so much better. in the korean patch, everything is pretty much balanced except for brand new classes that require some time to tweak and balance

Holy shit someone at the bottom said blade master is op WTF. what is wrong with the