Blade & Soul – 20 Quick Tips for Beginners and Veterans

A bit out of order but here you go:
1. Your Hongmoon weapons and trinkets are end-game weapons as you upgrade them throughout the game using the drops you receive. If you happen to misplace your hongmoon items, you can get a set from the Viridian Valor Stone Trader inside Jadestone Village (North East of the Everdusk forest). However you’ll need to farm Viridian Valor Stones to purchase this replacement set.

2. Auction bids are a great way to make money, and are this MMO’s alternative to the
need/greed system. Be sure to take care when using this as it can be very easy to spend all your hard earned money, very quickly.

3. Gold can be very sparse as well as health tonics and dumplings, a good way to farm these would be through dungeon running as the money that is dumped into auction bids are split between the group to get some free Blade-Soul Gold. Dumplings and health tonics drop on the ground after various kills in dungeons, as well open world.

4. Almost all outfits can be earned in-game either through the hongmoon shop (F10) or through dungeon running, and boss grinding. Some quests also reward outfits. Daily dash also has an outfit as of NA launch.

5. There are many camera and interface options available in Blade & Soul, including a cinematic camera, and even custom camera positions for your character.

6. Achievements award titles and even bonus attributes, these can be found on your U menu, but keep in mind that only one attribute may be active at any given time.

7. Breakthrough weapons and trinkets can generally be retrieved from drops in dungeons, as well as the weapon chests. Keys can be hard to come across early on so if your RNG is bad, you may have a hard time getting the first weapon for breakthrough which is retrieved from the Jiangshi Everdusk Wheel of Fate), you can make a new character and send the keys to the other character for a bit more.

8. Soul Shields are only effective with an outfit on, and can be fused with other shields to gain additional stats. You can max these shields out, but only on a specific stat set at any given time.

9. Don’t waste keys and unsealing charms early. You can craft them however, through the Radiant Gem and Earthseer respectively – Check out Psycats Profession Guide to Blade and Soul. in case you’re unsure of which craft to choose.

10. Dungeons and Arena PvP are cross server so if you were hoping to run some dungeons or PvP with friends or other players in other servers, you can still do so.

11. You can change channels using the number near the mini-map, or the escape menu on the bottom right. This can help with questing or even those pesky wheel of fate spin hogs.

12. There’s a 5 dollar “Student Bundle” for 7 days of premium and some sweet shades for sale in the hongmoon store, as well as the website. This can help with the launch queues everyone is experiencing, as well as give you a small boost in leveling and maybe help with your decision to subscribe to the premium membership offered in game. Premium is by no means required in this game, but certainly sells itself currently with such large queue times.

13. Level quickly – do all quests even the small 200 xp ones, story quests have certain level requirements and are indicated in the log – blue quests also unlock dailies

14. Wardrobe and Skill menu have icon options to see the skills and costumes in a better, and what is in my opinion, a more orderly fashion.

15. Be sure to do the Surveys and daily dash systems to help your character gain useful items and help the developers on first-hand feedback as you progress using it’s systems.

16. Timers can be seen by clicking on the local clock on the top right near the mini map, this is useful for checking when daily dash and things reset.

17. There is also one for daily quests in the quest log under the “Completed Daily Quests” tab, you can see when they reset at the bottom of the menu.

18. You can hold Alt to enable your cursor, and click on the quests icon in your mini-log to track them on your mini-map. This will help you find where certain quests are if you’re having trouble finding them.

19. You can respec your skills at any time, there are also recommended training trees to help you get started on a certain play style. Of course you can feel free to customize your own skill tree as you please. The skill tree is only available at level
17, but you begin earning skill points at level 15.

20. If you have an abundance of soul shield packs or the Blade & Soul Gold, make sure to open them and sell them separately if you are in need of a bit of coin, otherwise you can salvage them and even sell the broken pieces that have a chance of dropping from salvages.

21. Just an Extra tip – in case faction
or region chat gets spammy, you can add additional chat tabs and customize them to your liking.