How do you feel about BNS loot systems

I see a lot of people liking the current system and complaining about other games’ loot systems about “what if someone gets an item thats not for his class” and “what if the person gets the item twice”. I don’t see how the current bidding system fixes those problems, they are there aswell.

I played FFXIV some time ago, the loot system there was simple, and in my opinion the best I have seen so far (played plenty MMOs, including GW2, WoW, and some less known): Need before Greed, rolls from 1 to 99, with some restrictions:
You can only Need on items usable by your class. You can Greed on items not usable by your class.

If an item with the Unique tag drops and you already have it, you can’t Need or Greed on it (this is mainly for rare weapon/armor drops)
This is mainly for dungeons and raids. Raids also have the option of Lootmaster, and the loot also has some other details:

Like most MMOs, raids had a weekly lockout
In the last expansion of the game, clearing a raid boss not only would give loot to be rolled on, but would also always yield a token to all players (different types depending on difficulty of the boss), which you can exchange for gear after having enough of them (usually 4 tokens from easy bosses for a lesser piece of gear, like a ring, and 8 tokens from harder bosses for Blade & Soul Gold). This was implemented to avoid people not getting loot for their classes during long periods of time, so they would eventually exchange tokens for a piece of gear.

I never saw any complains about this loot system as I see complains about this game’s loot system.

While I agree that the current system is more “fair” (depends on the point of view though, people with massive amounts of money will always get the loot) it seems UNFAIR to me to run a dungeon and spend both in game money AND time, when supposedly you run the dungeons to get loot that you can’t afford or that its non-purchaseable. I’d rather have to roll and pray to RNGesus to have a chance to get some loot, than having a guy with more money grab everything and also make everyone bid for 5 minutes.