Blade & Soul: End Game Crit Soul Shields

Basically I’ve been trying to figure out which end game pieces of soul shield I wanted to go for. I’ve looked at various websites listing the stats and potential rolls of stats on mainly the blackram supply/dokumo/forgotten/moonwater arena. But every website I look at has different stats listed to what potentially can roll. I’ve looked at the BnS wiki but for the dokumo set the stats don’t even match the pieces I already have in game. I’ve also tried looking at the website but again the stats they list don’t even match the pieces I already own in game. Example is one of the forgotten pieces it lists 2 possible rolls for hp yet the one I have in game has lower hp than even the lowest listed possible to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. I’m just really confused because I’m trying to figure out what I want but all the listed rolls are either totally different in game or totally different website to website.

Just to make things a little clearer, I’m only looking for info regrading the stats and possible stats rolls of the soul shield pieces. I am not looking for advice on which one I should get. Please post a reliable website where the stats listed are 100% match to the soul shields in NA BnS. Thanks this is really becoming frustrating.

Has anyone here found information about the Moonwater Crit Soul Shield Primer, or have they used it themselves? I’m looking to craft it if it’s worth augmenting my soul shields with, but so far I’ve found no information online regarding the primer stats – how much crit it has on it, how much that can roll for, how much it costs to roll it on, and if the stats of the primer itself can vary when unsealed or not.

The thing is tho, according to that website the low roll for piece 8 of forgotten SS is like 1100 or something but I have one in game that is 950 iirc which isn’t even listed as an option. Which was why I was questioning the accuracy of that website. Plus they don’t have the dokumo set. Also I could of sworn one of the moon waters I had in game were different than what was listed but that I was unsure about. Currently on my phone and cannot reconfirm that. But I will take your word regrading the Blackram Supply SS is accurate.

Become a contributor to the wiki so that information is more accurate and so more people can benefit from your experiences too.

This is one of the more annoying things about large games like MMO’s when they release or get Blade And Soul Premium Membership. The information just isn’t there (or is the case for us westerners, not in our language) so people have to obtain it over time and eventually we’ll have a nice encyclopedia for all the noobs to look at when they pick up the game months or years in the future.

Selling names in Blade & Soul

The name reservations were promised without any sort of catch. Nobody knew that several GMs would get seven names each before the players, at any time, until the very day before. That’s a bit of bad business.

The reason for the names being taken was shown as “to prevent people from selling the names for big money”. This is nothing but a poor excuse unfortunately. The names were chosen for personal use, and on multiple occasions I have seen tweets saying they took it because they “liked it” or it “came to mind”. How can you take 7 names away from the players, then turn around and claim it’s for their own good? That’s a very bad message to the community to get some Blade-Soul Gold. Plus, what hidden algorithm is telling us that a name like “Saber” is a dangerous name that people would sell, whereas a name like “Ahri” or “Asuka” would not be sold? That alone makes the excuse fall apart at the seams.

The part that bothers me the most isn’t the big response, it was actually the initial reply that he just took 6 random names past Saber because they’re popular and popped into his head, on both regions for that matter. People paid for this opportunity and have been planning for it, but go ahead and just takes dozens/hundreds of names because you can, GMs. Glad to know we’re paying for what’s left over – if the point was to make original names that no one would fight over, then we didn’t need a reservation period at all.

Even then if GM’s got special privileges towards reserving names they should of probably been allowed 1 or 2 more then the master pack owners. I understand that they work for the company and should be allowed something but I mean 7 names? Are they really going to play 7 characters? Specially when hongmoon levels are introduced?

Some first impression of Blade & Soul

I know BnS very long time ago, my friends always recommended this game a years or two ago, but I haven’t tried because BnS server located in China Mainland and Taiwan and of course Japan. I don’t understand Japan or China language and I skip it for over several years. I don’t have any experience playing BnS, but since the English server was announce a year ago, I kinda felt that the game is already old for me. That’s what my friends told to me, my friends already play the game and hit the end game content. So I guess he won’t playing on NA server.

But this is a good opportunity for me if I can try and find some first impression of this game. I heard a lot this is a good game, balance in PVP, great content, etc, but I haven’t tried before because language barrier over a years ago. If I win, it would be great for me because the last CBT event from T0S is really disappoint me, the first CBT, I never got the key, the second CBT I got the Blade And Soul Items, but the devs block my region because it has already local server. I want to skip T0S by playing another game. The old one that have great content, which is Blade and Soul. I’m currently playing MH2015 as my game for over one year and I had a great time with the community and dev.

I’ve been avidly following this game since it was released years ago hoping for a localisation, infact I got an opportunity to try the game and had a blast but the language barrier relegated the full experience. I’m really eager to try the game again and see if it’s worth a purchase especially since I’m worried it might feel dated in 2015. I’d be really happy if I’m selected for the key.

I wish to seek justice, bring vengeance upon the woman who killed my clan and defend the world from evil. (I’ve only played a couple of other MMOs but I’m usually not able to become fully enveloped in the story. I love the story line of the game and the concept that you are not the “Destined Hero” but you are just fighting for your own beliefs.

Blade & Soul Closed Beta 5 Known Issues

Here you will find the list of currently known issues within the Blade & Soul Closed Beta. This list is not complete and does not contain all issues found within the game.


Skill numbers do not show in the Martial Tome
Mail text limit has been increased to 512 characters
The mail will be sent with no text displayed if when typing a mail with 512 characters
No popup notification when disconnected from the server

Special characters cannot be used in the Marketplace search field
Buy and chart buttons may “disappear” from the UI after you swap pages
The buttons still function when not visible
Refreshing the page or changing to a new page can cause them to reappear
Linking an item (CTRL+Left Click) with an apostrophe in its name to the Marketplace search box will display as “’”
This will not return a result
Only the apostrophe will show up as ‘ within the item name
Changing the “’” to a ‘ will provide correct results
Character Info will not display “+” and “x” for the Soul Shield stats popup on occasion
Marketplace option for bidding an item in the Blade & Soul Items”…” context menu reads “Buy” instead of “Bid”
Character Info gem slot overview is missing gem icons
Graph sometimes displays a white space below the graph
Character Info visual anomalies in Soul Shield set bonus display
French and German only: Empty search box displays English text
German only: Searching “Verschmelzungspulver” will always return zero results

Ongoing Known Issues
Heaven’s Reach: Summoner – Your character can sometimes get stuck while choosing a cat.
Workaround: Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape” (this is a unstuck feature)
Heaven’s Reach – Your character can sometimes get stuck falling off the cliff.
Workaround: “4” key to resurrect, Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape”
NOTE: If those options are not available there is no workaround, and a new character must be created. Keep in mind that players can save their appearance profile by clicking F11 community menu at the bottom right hand corner -> Photo Gallery -> Bottom middle button -> Save. This will save the character’s appearance which can be re-used during character creation.
Workaround: Esc Menu at bottom right hand screen, select “Escape” (this is a unstuck feature), or if high enough level wit the help of Blade And Soul Gold, double tap S to move back
Black screen after a cut scene – Once this occurs restarting the game is the only way to resolve the issue.
Players who encounter this issue are encouraged to post in the Bug Report forum containing a DxDiag and what cut scene they encountered this on.

Just how worth it are the founder packs

The middle one isn’t decent at all, I know you’re trying to be helpful, but OP please, IF after a

purchase of 75 euros (I’m euroman, so that’s what we’re using), you’d EVER over the lifetime of BnS

think you’ll spend 45 euros in subscription, NCoin purchases, or even NCoin purchases for other games,

do not listen to this guy.

Initiate = if you want to play in beta weekends but don’t feel like spending too much money

(completely fine!)

Disciple = if you don’t know how to math or feel like giving NCSoft money for no reason, or you don’t

want to spend more than 75 euros over the lifetime of the game, but do want to spend it all in one go,

as a sort of one-time purchase.

Master = Best value for money if you’re ever going to spend that much, pay 45 euros more than

Disciple, and you will get 60 euros worth of NCoin more (already 15,- profit on the first point), 2

months of sub for free (yes im using free, the NCoin already broke us even need Blade And Soul Gold),

free skins, higher premium tier, more bagslots, more character slots, second name reservation slot, an

extra customization voucher, and some shitty title.
So if you’re going beyond initiate, go all the way and roll master, you’re likely the kind of guy that

would buy NCoin or subscription over the course of the game anyways, you’ve just saved money in the

long run.

The CBT access and 3 day headstart are fairly straight forward, if you’re interested enough in the

game then the initiate pack is all you need. If you think that you’ll really like the game but still a

little hesitant whether you’ll commit in the long run, then the Disciple pack is probably what you

want. I don’t care too much about the titles and stuff, but I do really like the idea of the Name

Reservation slot. Being the only one in your region across all servers with your specific name is

pretty neat. The few extra char slots are probably great too. 2 is way too little.

Perhaps the price is a little steep, but you do get a bunch of things out of it, so it’s just a matter

of playing the game enough to justify the price. The game will be F2P anyway, so it’s only a one time


If you know you’ll be hardcore, just go for the expensive one I guess. In yesterday’s livestream they

said you get 90 EUR worth of NCcoins or whatever they are called in the pack and you get a bunch of

extra stuff, so it’s probably worth it.

Blade & Soul Is Fun

BnS release in multiple areas already, and with NC Soft at the helm of another release I imagine it will be a popular game, I personally don’t like how they are gating the NA release similar to what Trion did with AA but here’s hoping they have a better time of it.

If they come through with the PvP Tournaments and everything is in place with out any major issues before BDO release that will be a big draw for Blade & Soul Gold. People looking for a great PvP mmo experience with possibility for a competitive scene have few options at the moment, GW2 is close with competitveness, and AA has good openworld pvp mechanics and similar style arenas 1v1 3v3 with gear standardization (in 2.5).

BDO is a bit of a different game its not focused on competitive PVP more on the game experience and open world PvP. They have some arena type pvp but its not fully fleshed out yet. The siege and Town ownership mechanics and Guild Wars system are where most of the PvP in that game stems from.

So the question I guess your asking is do you think competitive arena based combat including 1v1 and 3v3 has more lasting power then Guild Vs Guild objective based open world pvp? I guess it depends. I like largescale pvp and with the right community BDO could be amazing I really enjoy the combat system and the beauty of the game. BnS has the hype and looks to be releasing soon I think it will be an enjoyable game and hope that we can see an e-sports scene in an MMO again. If that happens BnS should have sticking power. Arena combat has the advantage of being on your own time and should be popular among moba players as well, which is a large playerbase.

Blade & Soul: Underwear in Character Creation

This really isn’t something to be upset about and if different underwear in character creation is the only thing the company is ~lying~ about, then, as someone coming from Neverwinter, I’d feel blessed.

The change makes a lot of sense for character creation, as it’s much easier to work with the figure that way, whereas it’s pretty distorted in the non-west version. I like having a very clear view of my characters when making them, and the lingerie does not provide it.

This absolutely does not count as censorship, however, seeing as the changes are sensible for their purpose and clearly don’t try to cover anything with Blade-Soul Gold. I don’t care much for poses though, does this have any effect once you leave the creation screen, or are they just aesthetic things you can do in the character creation?

Not this thread again. Oh no they took out an underwear that you will generally never use because you can’t get your soul shield effects if you don’t wear some sort of outfit. And they took out these poses in the character creation that you won’t be spending more than a fraction of your time playing the game.

And yet EVERY other outfit in the game is still in its original beautiful state outside of this one lingerie underwear that isn’t even that great looking. But for some reason you consider this as a blatant fail and lie from NCWest.

I love all of hyung tae kim’s work and the wonderful outfits he made for this game. But I could not care on such a minor change that in my opinion makes the character creation easier and nicer to use. The sports underwear shows the body much better and lets you see the dimensions of the character easier unlike the frilly lingerie that made it hard to gauge certain portions of the body.

Yeah, I think the armors in BnS have their own underwear/body mesh that overwrites the default body underwear to get free Blade And Soul Items. I had thought that before, but still wasn’t sure (since there are games like vindictus where the armor meshes don’t show it’s own underwear mesh, and instead show the body underwear meshes).

And sometimes as a result, the vindictus type can look pretty bad with the clashing underwear colors showing under the armor, so I’m really glad to know BnS is the other type, for aesthetic proposes.

Blade & Soul – 20 Quick Tips for Beginners and Veterans

A bit out of order but here you go:
1. Your Hongmoon weapons and trinkets are end-game weapons as you upgrade them throughout the game using the drops you receive. If you happen to misplace your hongmoon items, you can get a set from the Viridian Valor Stone Trader inside Jadestone Village (North East of the Everdusk forest). However you’ll need to farm Viridian Valor Stones to purchase this replacement set.

2. Auction bids are a great way to make money, and are this MMO’s alternative to the
need/greed system. Be sure to take care when using this as it can be very easy to spend all your hard earned money, very quickly.

3. Gold can be very sparse as well as health tonics and dumplings, a good way to farm these would be through dungeon running as the money that is dumped into auction bids are split between the group to get some free Blade-Soul Gold. Dumplings and health tonics drop on the ground after various kills in dungeons, as well open world.

4. Almost all outfits can be earned in-game either through the hongmoon shop (F10) or through dungeon running, and boss grinding. Some quests also reward outfits. Daily dash also has an outfit as of NA launch.

5. There are many camera and interface options available in Blade & Soul, including a cinematic camera, and even custom camera positions for your character.

6. Achievements award titles and even bonus attributes, these can be found on your U menu, but keep in mind that only one attribute may be active at any given time.

7. Breakthrough weapons and trinkets can generally be retrieved from drops in dungeons, as well as the weapon chests. Keys can be hard to come across early on so if your RNG is bad, you may have a hard time getting the first weapon for breakthrough which is retrieved from the Jiangshi Everdusk Wheel of Fate), you can make a new character and send the keys to the other character for a bit more.

8. Soul Shields are only effective with an outfit on, and can be fused with other shields to gain additional stats. You can max these shields out, but only on a specific stat set at any given time.

9. Don’t waste keys and unsealing charms early. You can craft them however, through the Radiant Gem and Earthseer respectively – Check out Psycats Profession Guide to Blade and Soul. in case you’re unsure of which craft to choose.

10. Dungeons and Arena PvP are cross server so if you were hoping to run some dungeons or PvP with friends or other players in other servers, you can still do so.

11. You can change channels using the number near the mini-map, or the escape menu on the bottom right. This can help with questing or even those pesky wheel of fate spin hogs.

12. There’s a 5 dollar “Student Bundle” for 7 days of premium and some sweet shades for sale in the hongmoon store, as well as the website. This can help with the launch queues everyone is experiencing, as well as give you a small boost in leveling and maybe help with your decision to subscribe to the premium membership offered in game. Premium is by no means required in this game, but certainly sells itself currently with such large queue times.

13. Level quickly – do all quests even the small 200 xp ones, story quests have certain level requirements and are indicated in the log – blue quests also unlock dailies

14. Wardrobe and Skill menu have icon options to see the skills and costumes in a better, and what is in my opinion, a more orderly fashion.

15. Be sure to do the Surveys and daily dash systems to help your character gain useful items and help the developers on first-hand feedback as you progress using it’s systems.

16. Timers can be seen by clicking on the local clock on the top right near the mini map, this is useful for checking when daily dash and things reset.

17. There is also one for daily quests in the quest log under the “Completed Daily Quests” tab, you can see when they reset at the bottom of the menu.

18. You can hold Alt to enable your cursor, and click on the quests icon in your mini-log to track them on your mini-map. This will help you find where certain quests are if you’re having trouble finding them.

19. You can respec your skills at any time, there are also recommended training trees to help you get started on a certain play style. Of course you can feel free to customize your own skill tree as you please. The skill tree is only available at level
17, but you begin earning skill points at level 15.

20. If you have an abundance of soul shield packs or the Blade & Soul Gold, make sure to open them and sell them separately if you are in need of a bit of coin, otherwise you can salvage them and even sell the broken pieces that have a chance of dropping from salvages.

21. Just an Extra tip – in case faction
or region chat gets spammy, you can add additional chat tabs and customize them to your liking.

Gathering and Crafting in Blade & Soul

It takes more than warriors to make the world work. The Earthen Realm is filled with countless merchants, master crafters, and skilled artisans honing their work to perfection. Many have rallied together to form enormous guilds which reach every corner of the Realm, selling their wares and offering their services to the world… for the right price.

Contracts and Reputation

In a modern era of convenience, a warrior is no longer responsible for crafting their own equipment—it’s a practice better left to the professionals! Those looking to make use of the guilds simply need to speak with Blade & Soul Gold, found commonly in major towns, to request a contract with the guild. It’s possible to establish contracts with a maximum of two Gathering Guilds and two Crafting Guilds at a time. Specific Crafting Guilds use materials collected by specific Gathering Guilds, so it’s important that one does the necessary research to know which connections they want to make. While one can freely end contracts and start new ones at any time, one will lose their established reputation with the guild and need to start from scratch if they want to rejoin later!

Once a contract is established, a warrior can order various goods and services from a guild. After placing an order and paying a nominal fee, one must simply wait a while before the order is fulfilled for them. It’s best to place an order before adventuring, allowing the guilds to work in the meantime. All those wonderful items will be waiting when you return after a long day of righting wrongs and fighting monsters.


In order to make the finest goods, first one must gather the finest materials. Widely dubbed as Gathering Guilds, there are a handful of groups who travel far and wide digging up only the best components upon request. They are the lifeblood of the industry; without BNS Gold, the Crafting Guilds would be lost. As one works with the Gathering Guilds, they will gain a reputation as being a reliable customer and thus gain access to rare materials over time.

The Gathering Guilds each specialize in sampling specific facets of nature. “The Stonecutters” gather earth and stone, while “The Prospector’s Union” specializes in rare ores and raw gems. “The Tree Fellers” and “Herbside Service” are in touch with the forest, gathering fine wood and healthy medicinal plants respectively. Since everyone needs to eat, it’s up to the “Green Thumbs” guild to farm crops, “The Trapper’s Alliance” to hunt choice prey, and the “Fish Network” to haul up the bounties of the sea.


The resources of nature may be great, but it takes a skilled artisan to really make use of those materials. Enter the Crafting Guilds, a number of influential guilds who ultimately supply the Realm and control the economy. Unsurprisingly, many of them can be found in dangerous regions, often helping out alongside warriors in any way they can. Reputation matters here as well: the more work one does with the Crafting Guilds, the higher quality goods they can produce.

“The Radiant Ring” and “The Forgekeepers” craft stunning works of art that are both beautiful and functional, empowering warriors with fabulous accessories and mighty weapons. While those two protect the body, the “Earthseers” and the “Soul Wardens” guard the spirit – their specialty being charms, talismans, and Soul Shields. When it comes to potent potables, look no further than the “Silver Cauldron” for health-bolstering tonics and potions, while the “Acquired Taste” guild will fill any warrior’s belly with fine cuisine to Buy BNS Gold. “The Merry Potters” may seem like the odd-man out with their focus on crafting fine ceramics, but the goods they make are used by all the other guilds, making a strong relationship with them a very wise decision for those looking to play the market.

How do you feel about BNS loot systems

I see a lot of people liking the current system and complaining about other games’ loot systems about “what if someone gets an item thats not for his class” and “what if the person gets the item twice”. I don’t see how the current bidding system fixes those problems, they are there aswell.

I played FFXIV some time ago, the loot system there was simple, and in my opinion the best I have seen so far (played plenty MMOs, including GW2, WoW, and some less known): Need before Greed, rolls from 1 to 99, with some restrictions:
You can only Need on items usable by your class. You can Greed on items not usable by your class.

If an item with the Unique tag drops and you already have it, you can’t Need or Greed on it (this is mainly for rare weapon/armor drops)
This is mainly for dungeons and raids. Raids also have the option of Lootmaster, and the loot also has some other details:

Like most MMOs, raids had a weekly lockout
In the last expansion of the game, clearing a raid boss not only would give loot to be rolled on, but would also always yield a token to all players (different types depending on difficulty of the boss), which you can exchange for gear after having enough of them (usually 4 tokens from easy bosses for a lesser piece of gear, like a ring, and 8 tokens from harder bosses for Blade & Soul Gold). This was implemented to avoid people not getting loot for their classes during long periods of time, so they would eventually exchange tokens for a piece of gear.

I never saw any complains about this loot system as I see complains about this game’s loot system.

While I agree that the current system is more “fair” (depends on the point of view though, people with massive amounts of money will always get the loot) it seems UNFAIR to me to run a dungeon and spend both in game money AND time, when supposedly you run the dungeons to get loot that you can’t afford or that its non-purchaseable. I’d rather have to roll and pray to RNGesus to have a chance to get some loot, than having a guy with more money grab everything and also make everyone bid for 5 minutes.