Blade & Soul: weapon is important

For your first breakthrough weapon, you go to Foshi Pyres I believe. You have to spin the wheel near Yigan, using Jiangshi Essences. You obtain those via quests, but I find it easier to get them by killing the boss just down the hill. It typically drops 2-4 Jiangshi Essences. If you use normal keys, you are not guaranteed your stalker weapon, but you may get soulshield packs, clothing, and stalker weapons of other classes with Blade And Soul Gold. What I did was I KEPT my other stalker weapons, did not unseal them, and used them as food for my weapon. By doing that, I was able to level my hongmoon weapon from 1-10 just by using the stalker weapons of OTHER classes. Its highly effective that early on in the game, and it makes killing mobs very easy. In fact, when you get to the Dreamdross zone dungeon, all you have to do is gather all the mobs within it and aoe them easily, but preferably taking hongmoon soup beforehand in order to get bonus XP.

When you said to not waste our repair kits, what do you mean by it ? Using them only when we’re at like 1 or 2 of durability only ? I’ve read somewhere we can find repair kit a lot cheaper in the market than from the merchants too (maybe i’ll be able to craft them too with the guilds i took, too new atm for me). For now i only used one when i got an alert warning me my weapon was damaged.

I also used a lot of keys earlier near level 10 when you can farm the mini-boss on the map to roll the wheel. But i think it was hongmoon keys (maybe not too bad ?).

I absolutely loved BNS, and this seems extremely similar, but there’s zero chance I’m paying a monthly fee, it’s just not a compelling value proposition. I like character customization even if I have to buy the really crazy/unique stuff generally found in MMO “cash shops”. Is the wardrobe simply a convenience tool for switching on the fly with BNS Gold, or is not having it locking you away from the entire visual customization system? They seem to want a lot of money and though there’s a big list of the benefits, but most of them come with no explanation. I’d just try it out and see myself, but it’s a big install so I’d like to know beforehand.