You Should Buy Blade & Soul

Its not that expensive, unless you just decide to buy them all straight up. In my experience I can get by with the survey/quest rewards and buying 10 more from the NCoin shop as I said above this. Now I really don’t see any reason to waste my cash when there are multiple ways to get them for free:

1. Selling gold for NCoin -> HM Coin and then just buying the pouches like that
2. Any future events that are likely to get out dragon pouches as trash rewards, and since I didn’t max out my inventory/warehouse they will be useful to me
3. As the level cap increases, they might also add more surveys and those surveys could possibly give more dragon pouches.
4. Daily dash luck

So really my advice would be DO NOT spend your money to max out your inventory and Blade And Soul Gold. At the most just max out your inventory and just let your warehouse unlock slowly as you get free ones in the future. Again this is a reason why Master Pack is best, because you can max out your inventory and warehouse for free on at least 1 character if you want. With both the starter pack’s pouches + the 7200 NCoin.

***Also don’t forget daily dash rewards are account bound not character bound. So if you win the rewards on 1 character, just don’t receive them on that character and get them on your other one.