Why Blade & Soul Took so Long

NCSoft, after explicitly stating that they “won’t censor Blade and Soul”, decided to basically completely rewrite the entire story. Without spoiling the story, basically they went from a story where your character does immoral things, has to make tough choices, etc, to a generic “good vs EVIL” theme.

Any times in the story where your character did something unethical, it was replaced with something else.

It essentially feels like a generic shonen anime now. The story isn’t exciting or unique at all anymore, it’s a huge insult to the original author. Your character is some shining example of a perfect human being, a hero, and everyone that opposes him/her is evil.
So they spent years looking for stuff deemed offensive with Blade And Soul Gold, and rewriting the entire story, and editing in game things like animation accordingly.

Blade & Soul

Blade and Soul easily could have came out in 2013, or 2014, but they spent so long finding content to censor when they explicitly stated there would be no censorship. Talk about baiting people into founder’s packs at Blade-Soul.

I am disappointed that they are censoring the game. It’s not as though the West is less accepting of sexual innuendo in comparison to the East. However, the West does seem to have more sensitive people that ruin experiences such as this for all of us.

That being said, myself and I’m sure many others, will be playing this game for it’s competitive PvP and good combat. Blade and Soul does its Arena PvP correctly and there is not another MMO that comes close to its competitive feeling. The game is one of the top played games in Korea for that reason and I’m sure it will thrive in the West as well.