Blade & Soul: Setting & Using

Setting up (only needs to be done once)
Run the BladeAndSoulTWLauncher program from the folder you downloaded. On first run, you will be asked to browse to the Replace.bat from EnglishPatch or EnglishPatch_ProjectIzanamiOnly. If you didn’t do this step, BladeAndSoulTWLauncher will not check for updates and just show its main interface.
On the main interface, you can choose your file locations: “Launcher exe” is for the NCGlobalLauncher.exe file within your game files. “Game exe” is the Client.exe file within your game files. “English Patch” is the Replace with the help of Blade & Soul Gold.bat file in the EnglishPatch or EnglishPatch_ProjectIzanamiOnly folder you downloaded earlier.
If you choose to download the Japanese voice pack, “Sound Patch” will be the Replace.bat file in the SoundPatch folder you downloaded earlier.

Blade & Soul

Run the program (exe found in the program folder you downloaded and unzipped earlier)
You may be asked to download an update for the program itself. Optional.
You may be asked to download a translation update. Optional.
Click “Apply” to back up the necessary game files and apply the translation patch (if you already applied the patch, the script will tell you and you will need to “Restore” first).
After the patching is complete, click the Project Izanami logo within the program to run the NCGlobalLauncher.
(Optional) If you keep the program open, it will detect new game updates by monitoring the NCGlobalLauncher. If a new game update is detected, the program will inform you to restore the patch(es) and re-launch the NCGlobalLauncher.
When a new translation is out, the program will tell you once you open it. All you have to do is click “Manual” (navigates to my shared GDrive folder to manually download the xml.dat file) or “Automatic” to download the translation.
If you choose to manually download the translation update, you will have to rename the file to “xml.dat” and put it in the EnglishPatch\contents\Local\NCTAIWAN\CHINESET\data\ folder. After that, enter the version number of the new xml.dat next to “Set Version” (2015.6.9 for example). Continue to step 4 of section 4.

*”Reset Version” is the same as “Set Version” to 0.0.0. The patch is not working at all and the game returns an error even when you already have the latest version? Chances are that you have got a corrupted xml.dat. “Reset Version” and restart BladeAndSoulTWLauncher to let it download the xml.dat again.
*”Apply” and “Restore” use external scripts, advanced users can modify them to fit their need more Blade Soul gold.
*The BladeAndSoulTWLauncher will automatically set the appropriate registry entries so you can run the game portably.