NCSoft can not add news to Blade & Soul

They are in charge of only one of the things you have mentioned. They cannot add brand new things to the game, only cycle things that are currently not available in the game, but have been created by NCSoft Korea, such as outfits and content that is available in other regions. This is evidenced by how they updated the AH and added “Character Info” which was not available in any other region. They added a link to a website which you can access in-game, but they could not add a whole new system where you inspect people in game, they have to use a website.

E: Everything else, I agree with, though. Should be able to scale UI elements individually, skills should be explained and worded better, quests should be share-able, bidding should be through-out the whole instance, not just that section and the floors shouldn’t randomly stop you from sprinting. Sadly, I do not think NCSoft NA can fix most of these issues. Only forward them to NCSoft Korea and hope they get fixed in a patch, which they can push to us.

If you thought that little doors were annoying, just wait till you’re trying to jump up clearly open paths to get through places quickly to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, and you hit zone walls which make you fall in and outta zones instead of taking you foward on your path. It really makes the whole freedom of movement thing feel alot less free.

I have some pretty huge performance issues and I have no idea why. Rolling with a geforce 970, i5 4590, 8GB ram and windows 10; depending on what’s on screen I play most of the time at like 30-40 FPS with everything set to the 4 preset and 1920*1080 res. (Not even the low performance mode gets me a steady 60 FPS so obviously something is fucked up.)

It honestly seems entirely random. I posted in a thread a couple weeks ago with someone having performance issues. I think it’s either a graphics driver issue or OS issue because I can run the game on my windows 7, i3 3.4 GHz, 32gb Corsair vengence, and GTX 650 with 45-60 fps while streaming with very little fluctuation in framerate. There were a few people in that thread with FAR better specs than me who were having trouble running the game at a steady framerate without streaming.

BNS and Tera: Which is Better

For me the pay to short-cut to great PvP gear it what turned me off to Tera. You could level up your equipment to the next tier immediately or take months farming stuff in-game trying to upgrade you gear.The difference between someone fully upgraded and someone still working on their gear was pretty significant. It’s borderline P2W and I hate how often that term is thrown around. I really respect that BnS levels the playing field for 1v1 3v3 but you can still enjoy your max tiered gear you’ve worked for in the open world PvP zones and PvE.

I sunk a crapton of hours into Tera when it launched and again recently when the gunner/steam launch came out. The end-game always threw me off though. I hit max level feeling lost/confused and I was always torn between being a tank/healer/dps wanting to be helpful/support but not wanting to be a wet noodle. BnS worried me because there was no trinity (and I really like playing tank/support) but the gameplay is so well done I don’t really miss it.

Tera’s combat is very deliberate because of animation lock while attacking, very slow movement while in combat, very limited damage mitigation skills like dodges/blocks unless you’re the tank, and boss tells starting with the Blade And Soul Gold. It’s a design which requires knowing what happens next, because you don’t want to be caught animating an attack when the boss drops a oneshot AoE on your face. There are no hitscan attacks in Tera, if you’re standing there when the attack animation completes, it hits you. If you’re not there, it won’t.

B&S seems a lot faster paced, you move freely while animating attacks and you move at the same speed in combat as you do while just running around, you have multiple dodges and/or blocks, and while it looks like most attacks have to animate they are actually hitscan, even if you circle around the mob and stand behind it, after it completes the animation it will suddenly turn and hit you anyways. Boss tells aren’t limited only to eye flashes, you have to know from the animation what it’s going to do next but you have multiple ways of dodging it and you can generally animation cancel out of your attack to dodge it.

Blade & Soul: weapon is important

For your first breakthrough weapon, you go to Foshi Pyres I believe. You have to spin the wheel near Yigan, using Jiangshi Essences. You obtain those via quests, but I find it easier to get them by killing the boss just down the hill. It typically drops 2-4 Jiangshi Essences. If you use normal keys, you are not guaranteed your stalker weapon, but you may get soulshield packs, clothing, and stalker weapons of other classes with Blade And Soul Gold. What I did was I KEPT my other stalker weapons, did not unseal them, and used them as food for my weapon. By doing that, I was able to level my hongmoon weapon from 1-10 just by using the stalker weapons of OTHER classes. Its highly effective that early on in the game, and it makes killing mobs very easy. In fact, when you get to the Dreamdross zone dungeon, all you have to do is gather all the mobs within it and aoe them easily, but preferably taking hongmoon soup beforehand in order to get bonus XP.

When you said to not waste our repair kits, what do you mean by it ? Using them only when we’re at like 1 or 2 of durability only ? I’ve read somewhere we can find repair kit a lot cheaper in the market than from the merchants too (maybe i’ll be able to craft them too with the guilds i took, too new atm for me). For now i only used one when i got an alert warning me my weapon was damaged.

I also used a lot of keys earlier near level 10 when you can farm the mini-boss on the map to roll the wheel. But i think it was hongmoon keys (maybe not too bad ?).

I absolutely loved BNS, and this seems extremely similar, but there’s zero chance I’m paying a monthly fee, it’s just not a compelling value proposition. I like character customization even if I have to buy the really crazy/unique stuff generally found in MMO “cash shops”. Is the wardrobe simply a convenience tool for switching on the fly with BNS Gold, or is not having it locking you away from the entire visual customization system? They seem to want a lot of money and though there’s a big list of the benefits, but most of them come with no explanation. I’d just try it out and see myself, but it’s a big install so I’d like to know beforehand.

Blade & Soul: Some Possible Solutions to Head Start Issues

Many Blade & Soul players installed the client successfully and are already enjoying the game but also some of the players got issues with the installation, launcher, connecting to the servers etc. collected some most seen issues from the official forums or Reddit and also the solutions offered by the BnS community.

NCSoft Launcher

If you encounter issues the first step with NCSoft Launcher (when clicking shortcut, it says the launcher is not installed or found and reinstallation didn’t help), try the solution offered by a Reddit community member:
“If you don’t have the launcher installed anymore, download it from here. Then you may need to recreate the shortcut for BnS.

Locate the launcher executable, where you installed it and create a shortcut.
Now go to the properties of the shortcut and on the “Target” field, input “C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher\NCLauncher.exe” /LauncherID:”NCWest” /CompanyID:”12″ /GameID:”BnS” /LUpdateAddr:””.

If the path for the launcher is different, change accordingly.”
Client Crashes & Program Interference

If you have stability and display issues, it’s probably because of the conflict between the various background programs and the client/launcher. Two prominently mentioned as being flagged by Game Guard, a required part of the BnS installation, are ASUS Game First Service and Razer Chroma SDK Service and Razer Game Scanner Service programs.

Go to task manager
Choose “Services”
Find “Razer Chroma SDK Service” and choose it
You can’t stop it by right clicking it, it says access denied. You need to click that “Services”-button on lower right.
Find “Razer Chroma SDK Service” again, click “Actions” and “Stop” (it’s grayed out on me, because I’ve already done it)
Click “Actions” again and choose “Properties”
Open the “Startup type”-drop box, and choose “Disabled”, Apply, OK.

Go to task manager
Choose “Services”
Find “Razer Game Scanner Service” and choose it
You can’t stop it by right clicking it, it says access denied. You need to click that “Services”-button on lower right.
Find “Razer Game Scanner Service” again, click “Actions” and “Stop” (I need to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, because I’ve already done it)
Click “Actions” again and choose “Properties”
Open the “Startup type”-drop box, and choose “Disabled”, Apply, OK.

Here’s also a small tip: two servers now are having huge amount of players, namely Mushin (NA) and Windrest (EU). So choose another server if you can to save queue time.

Blade & Soul: Basic Guides

Who are you to decide that for NCSoft?
Most of these gripes you have with the game seems to be very minor QOL changes.
That’s an opinion.

Being so, effort from the developers are not longer being put into small annoyances that most people are already acclimated to.

Are you working for NCSoft or how do you know that so in detail?
Instead, they’re focusing on releasing new classes, content, and balance.

Those are 2 different departments. Here’s an example: People cry in the Smite community (moba) about new skins getting released every now and then while bug X and Y still exist. Those are 2 seperate teams.

These are what retains player base, and makes bank. You don’t ever hear people say, “damn, I love the balanced, faced paced combat style, but the inability to share quests kills this game for me. I’m out.”

Again, it sounds like you work for this company and think to know their focus. This game is a fresh start in the western world and a new game. Every point i made is logical and can be “tested” by players individually with Blade & Soul Gold. So why knowingly release a game to 2 big regions with those flaws/mistakes in the game? That just drives people away from it.

Let’s face it, 95% of the player base is probably at endgame, where only Mushin tower, and arenas really matter. (Talking KR) Those guys aren’t going to care much about the health bar disappearing, since they get to see a much larger health bar in those instances. They’re not going to care about sharing quests, because max level takes 2 days to reach, and everyone just does the same dailies on repeat afterwards.
I don’t care what happens in Korea, because I will play this game as a new player on EU/NA as will you and everyone else.

I actually appreciate the little things that I get stuck on while sprinting.
So while being in an open field sprinting and getting stuck on it is something one should appreciate?

It reminds be that I have that Vault skill
You can NOT vault over the tiny little shits that you get stuck on as you saw on my screenshot.

and also tells me that develops purposes put collision coding and rendering to make that happen. So that might be a different take on the situation.
Them putting effort in making collision does not validate this bug to exist. If they put effort in collision, game feeling and the vault skill, then it’s literally the opposite of what you said they want.

As for the horrible skill tips, I can only attribute that to sloppy translation, which can and should be fixed here in the west.

Agree, they still have time.
Everything else, though seemingly simple with Blade & Soul Items, will at least take a 2 man programming team, a sizable amount of time to code and tear. That’s a team that could be working on the new KFM/FM hybrid.

I repeat myself here. Those are 2 different departments.
My impression is that you are passionate about Blade and Soul and love the game as much as everyone else, but you seem biased and trying to whiteknight & fanboy at with absurd counterarguments.

Blade & Soul: 10 Things needs to be aware of immediately

1. MARKETPLACE: You can sell 6 items per day on auction house? <— Ridiculous
Fix: Raise the cap lvl to 15

2. MINIMIZE: Cant minimize game properly like other games hope you can fix that as well.

3. SHARE QUESTS:? We should be able to share quests if your party member has not completed that certain quest!

4. CHANNELS 1-10: Why do these channels exist? Chan 1 2 3 4 etc <– Why cant it automatically adjust your channel to your party channel so everyone is automatically synced! Once you enter a party auto sync channels to get Blade & Soul Gold. so we dont need to see channel option at the top at all it should not be their. just implement it in the game once you enter a party with people your assigned a channel we dont need to see that or set that option. This is something you need to do or fix.

5. Shared bank/vault space!

6. GUI OPTION PLAYER LVL SHOW: Their should be an option to show players current lvl! You cant highlight them they run so fast by the time you notice their lvl you will be dead if you were doing world pvp! This feature should be added enable us to enable show player lvl above their head in *options*.

7. WORLD MOBS: Mob’s should attack when you pass them example. A bear or wolf which has a red bar and i’m lower level then it. I pass by it and it doesn’t attack me? I don’t feel the sense of threat it’s too safe.

8. QUESTS: The quests needs to be more challenging and more rewarding it’s too easy. Some are like just a waste of time but no choice to do them. Some are super easy with high rewards.

9.WORLD PVP: If your a BLUE OR RED you should be automatically flagged! <– just imo it’s a pvp game yet the feature is limited to faction robes and arena.. or certain areas to be automatically flagged regardless of robe on or not. *certain areas i repeat* and you will be warned once you enter the area you are flagged. similiar to albion online.

10: CASH SHOP: Prices whoaaa wayy to expensive seriously?

Overall experience I LOVE IT! I brought lots of people to play the game and buy Cheap BNS Gold I even bought few my self and gave them out! Good job I hope you are reading/listening to us all on these forums! Thank you very much for an awesome game I’d like to help make it even better with this feedback!

How to beat sins in Blade & Soul

Heres how sin CC breaks work. In order to combo em down, you need to negate them in succession. They can roll out of a knockdown or daze once every 8 seconds. Every 36 seconds, they can roll out of a stun. They also have flower, which allows them to teleport to flower during any CC. As a des, ideally you would force the sin to fight near enough to his flower that you can easily get to him after he uses it to break a CC. Use your skill that dazes + draws opponent within 8 meters (I forgot the name, but it functions the same as BD’s form 2 V skill) to break his stealth – when he rolls out of that daze, then you use your throw axe skill to bring them back to you (be careful not to let the sin counter throw axe). This will sit him under you during daze, at which point you can pop fury and start smashing away. This will bait his flower teleport. After the teleport, wait about 1 second, and then use your leap to stun him. He will likely roll out of this stun, but your throw axe should be up by then – use it again, and finish him off with a grab > aerial combo.

There’s tons of ways to beat sins, and what I suggested is only one. I don’t even play des, so it may not be completely accurate, but the gist remains the same – bait his defensive cooldowns by using your CCs in succession, and eventually he won’t be able to roll out of Blade And Soul Gold. Just be careful not to waste your CCs on a counter or his SS/E/Q. As for avoiding his poison and slows, you would have to time your spin to deflect, or SS if that’s not possible. His teleport swap can’t be deflected with spin, the only way to avoid it is to predict when it’s coming and SS or your invulnerability skill (dunno the name of it, it leads into your aerial knockup). Most sins open with either teleport or sneak attack. If they open with sneak attack, if you time your roll perfectly, you can avoid his aerial knockup, which will save you a lot of trouble.

Sins are actually punished quite heavily for mistakes, if he gets out of a CC with flower/counter/whatever, that isn’t really a mistake. Just gotta learn how to bait their defensives while avoiding their highly predictable openers. Spin out or SS the poison shurikens, and shield up as he breaks stealth to plant flower, you’ll catch him with no way of restealthing and pentaslash goes through counter.

Des with perseverance build is pretty hard to stun down, but they’re one of the easiest classes to counter their opening. Throw is slow and predictable enough that you can SS it, and jump can be dodge by just holding q/e. Red spin can be lethal if they catch you with SS down, so if you have to use SS to avoid something, make sure you don’t land near the des, or if you do, land a CC to buy you the 8 seconds you need for CD. Instead of going for stun chains against des (aside from punishing huge mistakes), go for aerial combos. Spec blitzblade to break defense and you can negate their healing on shield (and usually catch em by surprise with a followup raid/pentaslash).

If they’re down on throw/jump CDs and spinning to avoid, hug them, spam spin, and trip with 1 – you’ll regen chi off deflects, and trip goes through spin (but not the .5sec deflect window). Know how to tech-chase them – aerial drop and break blade knockback can be knocked back in the air with Cheap BNS Gold if performed before the counter goes up, and roll can be chased with raid or Moonlight blade form2. A good combo is groggy speced grab>drain to bait the roll, then moonlightblade to put back in daze for aerial. Beating des as BD is all about being patient, knowing how to avoid their damage,tech chasing, and chi draining. Bonus points if you can force them to burn perseverance to break out of a CC at an inopportune time, for example with your shield and SS up.

You Should Buy Blade & Soul

Its not that expensive, unless you just decide to buy them all straight up. In my experience I can get by with the survey/quest rewards and buying 10 more from the NCoin shop as I said above this. Now I really don’t see any reason to waste my cash when there are multiple ways to get them for free:

1. Selling gold for NCoin -> HM Coin and then just buying the pouches like that
2. Any future events that are likely to get out dragon pouches as trash rewards, and since I didn’t max out my inventory/warehouse they will be useful to me
3. As the level cap increases, they might also add more surveys and those surveys could possibly give more dragon pouches.
4. Daily dash luck

So really my advice would be DO NOT spend your money to max out your inventory and Blade And Soul Gold. At the most just max out your inventory and just let your warehouse unlock slowly as you get free ones in the future. Again this is a reason why Master Pack is best, because you can max out your inventory and warehouse for free on at least 1 character if you want. With both the starter pack’s pouches + the 7200 NCoin.

***Also don’t forget daily dash rewards are account bound not character bound. So if you win the rewards on 1 character, just don’t receive them on that character and get them on your other one.









How to Install Blade & Soul Client

I usually refrain reccomending registry-changes but if it only works this way, so be it.
But do me a favor and change it back once you´ve installed it on your other drive.

1. Deinstall the whole launcher + client, also delete the folder(s) under C: and go to “Documents” to delete “BnS” Folder. Be sure that nothing is left, otherwise it might cause problems.

2. Open “Run” (windows-button + R)

3. Type in “regedit”

4. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion

5. On the right side you´ll now see different keys. Go to “ProgramFilesDir” & “CommonFilesDir” (x86)

6. Double click on both of them and change the written:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files // C:\Program Files (x86) to the correspondig drive you have in mind D:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files // D:\Program Files (x86) – for example)

7. Now the default should be set to the drive you´ve chosen. Restart your PC now and proceed with step 8.

8. Run the launcher file and look out for options to get the Cheap BNS Gold. Even if now D: // E: or still C: is listed, try to type it in manually.

9. Let it download & install the client now. Occassionally check if your chosen drive becomes fuller or if a “NCSoft” folder has been now created under D: // E:

10. Don´t forget to revert your registry back once you´ve installed it successfully on the other drive

I don’t like the nProtect GameGuard in Blade & Soul

The thing is that nProtect GameGuard only protects against a few common methods of exploitation; the removal of it will not result in a significant change to the playerbase and whether they do or do not cheat. If I wanted to do memory or packet editing or any other method of cheating, I wouldn’t be stopped by GameGuard. However, considering that GameGuard has single-handedly prevented Linux users from even playing with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, that’s not going to happen anyway. Beyond that point, many other mainstream OS users are having trouble with both their operating systems and third party software (such as video recording & streaming software) which I would say is a significant impact on the game’s playability which can simply be remedied through the removal of GameGuard.

I’ve seen some other posts here saying “Wasn’t removed in other regions, won’t be removed here” and other nonsensical posts. Again, let’s go back to my original post that began this thread; they removed it from Aion in North America despite it being on other regions. Your research and points are negated with that single statement.

Those saying it will allow hackers to come in and ruin the game; you don’t really know anything about how cheating works and you believe this knockoff software is helping your game stay hacker free for the most part when it’s incredibly easy to work around it.

As for multiboxers being on the servers, pretty sure GameGuard doesn’t prevent that and it, like in WoW, is not a violation of the EULA.

Even then I have to open up the launcher, repair it, then I can’t hit play or it will still fail. after repairing I have to instantly restart my computer then open the launcher again(if I open as admin it fails) then hit play and it works to Buy BNS Gold. I have to do that every time no matter what. Disconnect, get off the game for the night turning off my computer, I have to do this every time. Not very interested in a game when I have to bid people I’m talking to good bye because I have to shut off my stuff and go thru this process to get back in the game. Also I can’t use xsplit to stream the game as well. I have 0 complaints for far with the game itself, it’s the game I want to play, nothing’s perfect but I find it more fun and worth it to play then any other game. But this game guard and launching issues and incompatibility is not making it worth it.