Our FFXIV PLD also isn’t focused as heavily on DPS maximization as I am

Personally, my static has the FFXIV PLD hold everything. SwO for 2 stacks (compensates with Foresight + Conv, then Rampart), then ShO for the rest. @6 stacks I take Faust and pop all my CDs until he’s dead. This gives our group more raid FFXIV Gil DPS than anything else we tried, but our PLD also isn’t focused as heavily on DPS maximization as I am. If you’re just tanking Faust alone, 3 STR + 2 VIT would probably be ideal (split damage on 2 tanks makes healing + DPSing a bit more rough, so going full FFXIV STR would make things even riskier). SwO until 5-ish stacks, compensating with CDs, then ShO for the rest.

On the first week in run without a ninja/warrior (so no slashing debuff) I did test with a “turtling” setup doing what seemed to be a mostly max dps rotation in Shield Oath the whole time (to give both healers more time to dps), and was getting about 560-570 dps without any stance dancing. I guess between 600-650 is possible with the slashing debuff if you dont do any sword oath stance dancing and massively minmax with the current available str setups.

How much time you spend in Sword Oath is dependant on a.) do you have a ninja for threat transfer (so you can start in sword oath without needing some Shield Halone rotations for early threat) and b.) how comfy your healers are. On the runs I did do Sword Oath runs it was perfectly fine to do it until about 4 stacks, any more was getting a little hectic, but could probably go further now we’re better Final Fantasy XIV Gil geared.