FFXIV GB/WM should at least remove the damage penalty incurred by range

So, PVP needs some fine-tuning & what better time than 3.1!

Seize – reduce the randomization of B/S/A node spawns.

Seen games where 2 S Nodes spawned in a single GC’s far corner at the very start & ruined the match. This cycle kept repeating & what made it worse was the nodes were virtually stacked on top of one another making it nigh-impossible to strategically grab even just one.

Seize – weight the randomness of node spawns against a GC that’s well ahead.

Too often a lucky GC will continue on these lucky streaks where nodes keep spawning directly underfoot for them in their corner. This shouldn’t happen either.

Buy FFXIV Gil BRD/MCH – reduce the recast time of GB/WM from 15s to 5s.

Toggling in & out of GB/WM should remain a conscious decision. But 15s is too steep a period to stay forced into casting.

AST/SCH/WHM – add a trait where dispels have a 50% chance to remove a second debuff.

Purify & single dispels don’t quite cut it with the new Tri-Disaster & more unique debuffs/dots than ever before.

CC – bind/sleep need their durations further cut down. Even with diminishing returns, their first casts & absurdly long… spoils the engagement/fun.

GB/WM should at least remove the damage penalty incurred by range. Even at sweetspot range, a MCH’s burst isn’t stronger than say, of a FFXIV SMN or especially of a melee LB, and mostly on par with most melee burst. The range penalty combined with cast times makes it hard for BRd/MCH to reactively adjust their range to stay within the sweet spot, and it’s not like their damage output is to the level of a blackmage (who has to stand still but gets no ranged damage penalty), Especially in an environment where every other class is dealing damage balanced with their 3.0 moveset.

Light speed/nocturnal could also use some tweaks for PvP specifically. The instant nocturnal shield is utterly absurd and a good FFXIV Gil AST isn’t dying even with 5 people whacking on them.