Short version: Final Fantasy XIV Housing item suggestion

Short version: Final Fantasy XIV Housing item suggestion – a plaque that shows off a title just like it would appear over our head, optionally including our name as well.
Longer version:

It’s fun to collect things, but it’s more fun when you can show them off in a non-obtrusive way. We’ve heard that they’re seeing if they can make minions wander around in houses, but what about the other collectible that’s hard to show off – titles?

My suggestion is to add a housing item called a Plaque (or whatever) that you can put up in a house. The Final Fantasy XIV Plaque would have your character’s name and the text of a title that you owned, just like it would appear above your head. It would be nicer if it was written in a font that looks like it would on a real plaque rather than the usual font above your head, but it’d work either way.

The plaque would start out blank, and, like with the retainers in the houses, you’d interact with it to get a dialogue window where you have the options of setting the plaque to your current name/title, clearing it to make it blank again, or leaving it alone.

In an FC house, this would let the Final Fantasy XIV FC members have a sort of roster on the walls if they wanted it, or a list of the officers in a big FC. You could even position them to show the command hierarchy if you have such a thing. Each person could set their title to whatever they want to show off in the wall-mounted roster. Of course, each plaque would consume a housing slot, so you couldn’t have too many up there.

In a personal house, this would allow you to show off some of those titles you worked really hard to get, but never use because there are just so many of them.

The name could also be optional, so if you were putting them up in a personal house, you didn’t have your name appearing ten times in a row on the walls. You could put one with your name and favorite title on it up, and surround it with ones that were just titles, no name.

While I don’t disagree that’d be interesting, I see that as a totally different housing item idea. That’s way more FFXIV Gil complexity than needed for what I’m talking about (showing off titles), and waaaay more memory to store. BUT! It would be pretty cool. Your suggestion is like an awesome form of armor stands – instead of just the armor sitting there on a stand in your house, you’d have a portrait on the wall of you in the armor. The focus there would be on the portrait itself, not on the name/title, which would be kinda tacked on. But, again, that’d be pretty darn expensive as far as housing memory goes.

A dynamic portrait like that would be really expensive to store, incorporating character appearance customization, armor, dyes, pose, etc. Sure, one isn’t that bad, but you wouldn’t have one, you’d have 4-10 per house. Even if they limit it to one per house, people would Buy FFXIV Gil still put them in personal rooms. They are so low on memory, I’d rather they keep dynamic stuff as simple as possible until everyone can have a house. If they did add something like that, it’d probably be put in the cash shop to compensate for the extra memory used.