Which Final Fantasy XIV tank is optimal to heal with this team comp?

Hey, I’m new into the healer role and I would like to know from experienced players which tank is optimal to heal with this uffxiv team comp: WHM, Final Fantasy XIV SCH, PLD (MT) and WAR (OT)?

At the moment, me as the WHM heal the FFXIV PLD the majority of the time and help the SCH with regens and some cure I if the Final Fantasy XIV PLD is ok.

That’s what I did watch in a lot of videos of prestigious FCs. The thing is I don’t really found any BIG reason to not focus my heals on the OT. I’m just curious about it.

Could you throw any advantages or disadvantages with reasonable arguments?
What would happen if the MT goes Final Fantasy XIV DRK? (we have planned that for next week).

Thank you in advance

I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking.
“Optimal” is kind of a weird term for a healer outside of talking gear/stats/timing/efficiency.
Usually, your looking at terms like “most efficient” or “highest priority” (speed is key sometimes to, shoutout to jacksepticeye)
The highest priority tank is always the one who is going to die if a heal isn’t cast ‘right now’
The most efficient heals are always going to be on the tank currently using a mitigation cd or Convalescence.
Keep in mind, if a tank goes down, having to cast res really hampers your efficiency.

The only thing you want to be careful of when healing tanks with 2 healers is overhealing. You dont want to cast cure II on a tank, only to find the Final Fantasy XIV SCH hit lustrate and brought him to near full hp right before you finished casting, just a waste. As a rule of thumb keep regen on both tanks if they are tanking things. But at the same time, do your best ffxiv gil to help meet any requests your static is asking of you.