Shouldn’t need to do any Final Fantasy XIV grinding

So where’s best place to level up fast cause this def taking long time yet want to Buy FFXIV Gil hit 60 ASAP (with main story)

For your first job you shouldn’t need to do any grinding. Just do MSQ and sidequests and you should hit 60 no problem. For your other jobs you can do dungeons or FATEs, since FATEs are now pretty good in the new zones. At 56 you can go to Churning Mists for FATEs. At least on my server there’s always a huge group out there doing them starting at about 1 PM PST and usually starts disappearing around 10 PM to 12 AM PST (which is like NA primetime, roughly). There’s also dungeons you can do, but it’s roughly the same amount of time as FATEs.

I’m guessing you are on a second class because I’m a returning player at 32 in MSQ and I know I am going to need to drop back and level a second class already or waste a lot of exper going forward. I expect to be 52 or 53 before I even touch HW content and with MSQ, map unlock and the tuning, exploration content I will put Whm at 60 long before I am done.

Note: Map Unlock is HUGE exper. Or it was in ARR. Each time you `discover a new area`it`s a flat number according to level but when the entire zone is cleared it`s a 10X on that. It`s all scaled to level so a 59 character who held a portion of the map unexplored in each zone can then go through and get FFXIV Gil the area compiled bonus, wiping out most of the last level in short time. You do need to plan well in advance though.