Will we ever see Final Fantasy XIV group content that isn’t a dungeon on rails?

any kind of system where different sized groups could tackle content as they saw fit instead of being lead down a corridor with trash packs then a boss over and over?

how about a dungeon-type area with many different objectives, some FFXIV Gil that could be done with small groups or even solo for incremental progress, larger encounters for bigger groups, exploration and pathing decisions, etc.

as it is now, you get that one first experience of a new dungeon/primal/raid, but the areas are all completely homogenous and the background is merely pretty decoration. i’d settle for much blander environment with more engaging content within any day.

Really doubt these are a solution for the above problem unless the OP is actively seeking similar forms of disappointment. That said, the FATE concept, not in its current implementation, could probably answer the second line in part…

The closest idea I can think of to what you’re asking is to be released into a middle of a ‘dungeon area’ rather than a dungeon itself, in which there a numerous mini-zones, each with related gauntlets/timed encounters or runs/boss fights that slightly interconnect through a mixture of consistent (say, having a boss charge into a tower at the edge of his arena gives you a shortcut to another zone as it falls onto a nearby wall – though perhaps you can buy ffxiv gil only aim his near-death enrage charge at one such structure) and random triggers (bosses give one of several buffs upon kill, each exceptional against another certain fight or set of fights, making a single completion path unreliable)? Perhaps instanced, perhaps not, perhaps even a mixture – though it would take a while to hammer out all issues with mixed- or non-instancing.